Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Past, Present(s), Future

I got me an elf for Christmas.

Yup, he's gorgeous.

We had a wonderful Christmas with family and it seems Harvey has been good because Santa delivered!
I successfully cooked a turkey for the first time and we had a wonderful, relaxed Christmas at home with my folks. There was lots of joy while gifts were opened and all eyes were on Harvey while he explored his new things.

I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and that the new years brings you love, laughs, fun and LOTS of fabric.

I'm hoping I can complete one project a month during 2012.
It's ambitious but I have the need to reduce the WIP's so that I can get into some long awaited 'must do's'.

Happy crafting,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sacked Again!

Santa Sacked.

The Quality Control Officer gave his tick of approval and then checked out the photography equipment at very close range.
Another tick.

His pristine skin makes his Mumma look wrinkly!

Better make sure there's enough room for all of Santa's goodies....
"Enough with the photos Mum!"
Bloody paparazzi.....

Harvey's Santa Sack made by me. Cotton and applique on the front, a reindeer pattern on the back.
To accompany the one made for his big brother.
The tradition in our family was to lay ours at the end of our bed on Christmas Eve.
We'll make sure Harvey's is in place of course.

Any special traditions in your families?

Happy Christmas Craziness Lovelies,
Ab x

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hats off to you!

Waaaay back in May, Harvey received a wonderful handmade hat from Tanya at Apple and Tangerine.
I was in la la newborn babyland and forgot to post about it. I did send a personal thank you to Tan but I still feel remiss for not blogging it.

Anywho, the hat it slightly too big at the moment but that's just perfect really. He has his Mr Fixit hat from Bec for now and by the new year that'll be too small and his hat from Tan will fit (well planned ladies ;o)

One side with cute Mu Mu fabric that I love with denim.

The other side with funky veggie fabric and denim.

And an extreme closeup just for funzies. 

I could just eat him but I checked and it's against the law.
I'm allowed to nibble though...
Thanks again both Tanya and Bec x
Ab ;o) xx

Monday, December 5, 2011

2.30AM makes you see sideways.

The other night his majesty awoke at 2.30am so of course, so did I.
Fortunately I know to be prepared and take my phone with me.
Bleary eyed and slumped in my feeding chair, I managed to see a sale at The Haby Goddess and bought myself this gorgeous 'Peony' by Colette dress pattern.
The dangers of being a woman and therefore being able to multitask....
Not sure that I'm anywhere near ready to make the dress but as you can see, the magic word Beginner is on the pattern, mocking me.

I also recently bought this book. After reading several reviews I decided it seemed worth the purchase. 
(For some reason blogger has turned some pics sideways grrrr)
I haven't embarked on anything yet but in the meantime it's very pretty to look at.

My lovely aunt Jude made me this cute apple cosy. See how happy and snug that apple looks ;o)
It'll be great when I'm back at work next year, I hate bruises on my fruit.

As for me and craft?
I made this cushion, adapting a pattern by Melly
It was gifted to Harvey's friend Lily, from play group.
It has pride of place in her cot.
(more stupid sideways action by blogger)

I also embarked on sewing a top for me but we've been out of action for the last four days. Harvey Monster came down with a cold on Thursday and as is his generous nature, he gave a fair share of his germs to me.
There has been an alarming amount of snot, much of it wiped on me (unintentionally, I hope) but I think we're on the mend.

I'm so grateful for my IPhone and being able to play on the net during the wee hours. Much more than that, I am grateful for all the blogs and websites. It's wonderful to be able to keep in touch with my hobby while caring for my cherub.

Ab x

Monday, November 28, 2011


Why didn't I think of this before???
Get the newest family to do it!
Sadly, he tired of it quickly but I feel there is some potential considering how excited he was when he saw Mr Dyson.

After reading the many and varied responses to my last post, I realise that we all have an axe to grind when it comes to our 'others'. I guess if they were asked, there'd be a few things lacking with us too.
I floated the idea of my Mr paying me to do his chores (I thought win, win as they'd get done and I'd have pocket money to spend on important things like fabric) He laughed his arse off and said we should get a real cleaner.

So nothing is actually resolved but I've vented and honestly, I realise that Mr CP is quite domesticated (makes him sound like a pet!) and I am lucky to have him.
And he's lucky to have me!!!

My aunty Pam, a fellow stitchy sister, once said, "Start as you wish to carry on."
I've held onto that advice and in the three years Mr CP and I have been together, I have held the same expectations that we share chores and responsibilities. I think it's mostly working and therefore should continue.

Time for a walk with my little slave in training  bubba.
Ab x

Friday, November 25, 2011

Division of labour

Image from here

This is a post that has been stewing inside me and needing to be written for a long time.

My brother and I were brought up by our dad, due to our mum being unwell and being in a nursing home from when I was nine. My dad cooked, cleaned and he can even sew (no, really!) so my expectations of what the man of the house does isn't the usual.

When Harvey was born I suddenly felt a pressure to be 'Suzy homemaker' and it made me angry. I must say that Mr CP in no way inferred/said/demanded that I do everything but I was angry all the same.

I feel that because I became a mother, there was some sort of expectation for me to become in charge of looking after the whole household (maybe my own expectations of myself...?). But how is that fair? I don't make all the mess, the Mr uses this house as much as I do. In this year off it would be easy to take on more than my fair share because I am not 'working' but really, I am. The Mr goes to paid work for 40 hours a week and I look after Harvey while he's not here. That's my work. Fair to say it's more than 40 hours a week too.

I decided that we needed to determine the set tasks that we would each complete.
I do the cooking, he does the dishes. I do the washing, he mows the lawn.
We alternate the floor cleaning and bathroom cleaning on a weekly basis.

Except, we don't.
Every week I have to remind the Mr that it's his week to do the floors or bathroom (EDIT: Mr CP DOES do the other jobs, the battle is the floors/bathrooms and general picking up/tidying. I don't want to misrepresent him as a slacker because he is definitely not that. The issues are mostly mine. Mostly ;o). There is a three day window in which to do your set chores (work and life get in the way sometimes) but every week I have to nag, be bossy and threaten to get a cleaner.
It's driving me nuts.

So I want to know, what is your division of labour?

How do you decide who does what? How do the household chores get done?
I'm looking for some wisdom from everyone.
I don't want to be a nag (channeling screeching offence to fishwives ;o)


Ab x

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things and Stuff

Harvey was gifted an amazing handmade hat made by 'aunty' Beccasaurus.
It's made out of vintage Richard Scarry Busytown fabric. It's ace!
Thanks so very much Bec.

A secret squirrel project....soon to be revealed.
A stitchery I'm making for my friends daughters Christening gift. 

Guess who's on the move?
Apparently he's hankering to explore the outside world.
Happy Sewing people,
Ab x

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We can dance, we can dance...

Everybody look at your pants!
The clothes making obsession hasn't ended so it must be a real one.
Some luscious lion pants for my roary lion.

Who has a big* lioney tooth to bite you with.
Finally some real Quick Change Trousers from Handmade Beginnings.
Funky red with robots on one side and boisterous blue with planes on the other. 
They were easy to make and I think they look pretty snazzy.
He'll get lots of wear out of them as I made the 9 month size (he's 7 months) and he's a little dainty for his age.

I will not be dainty for my age if I keep eating lunch dessert like this.
But it was a birthday treat for me.
31 the other day.
It snuck by without seems the stuff that used to be all about me isn't so much any more. Even more shocking, I don't mind!
It's all about the well dressed monster who is currently trying to pull the laptop cord out as I type.

Every time I see this pattern I Swoon.
Last night I decided I had to buy it because I need to make this quilt.
Camille had a sale for Halloween so I splurged a whole $7.49 (big spender, I know!) and now it's on its way to me.
There's going to be some tough decisions regarding what fabric to make the quilt out of....

Sending BIG LOVE to my lovely bloggy and now real-life friend B, who is going through some very tough family stuff.

Ab x

*Be scared, the big tooth is just poking through the skin. Just.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Obsessed much?

So lovelies, you know how I have a little bit of an obsession passion for the whole world of patchwork and quilting? It's subtle, I know.
I've always wanted to be able to make clothes but to be honest it scares me.
Those flimsy patterns, darts, yokes (you've got to be yoking!), stretch fabric eeeeeek!
It all seems....hard.

I'm always astounded when successful seamstresses say that they are daunted buy patch working and quilting but I guess I know how they feel but in reverse.
But burning desires can't be quieted for long.
I started making this skirt quite some time ago but I was waylaid by a baby and a fear that the tum would never be the same (it won't be but it isn't too bad - anyone else got a floppy belly button post baby???) but I'm motivated to finish it for the summer.

Obviously there was the PJ pants the other week. 

Then I decided that it was time to make something for my muse.
I used AMH's 'Quick Change Trousers' for the shape and came up with these cords.
I think they'll be quite baggy because they are supposed to be double layer.

I added the 'flange' at the 'yoke' just for a bit of fun.
When you don't know the rules, it's easy to go out on a limb :o)
I just need to add some elastic and feed up the model.

Since Saturday when I made the blue cords I've been a little...lets say enthusiastic.
Dare I say when I woke during the night, bubs sound asleep, I was thinking of making clothes.
  First chance I got I headed to the oppy with the little guy.
$3.50 later I have some patterns to play with.
No, I won't be making him frocks, as tempting as it is, I'll be trying all sorts of patterns to expand my knowledge and skills. Plus who knows, one day there could be a girl muse.

My muse and 'studio' assistant.
Lucky me!

Any suggestions on patterns or things you think I should try making?
Tips and tricks and direction will be happily accepted.

Ab x

Monday, October 24, 2011

Luscious Dancing Legs

My little munchkin has done the very best thing he could and has grown!

After nine weeks in the brace for his hip displasia, he has had a reprieve.
He gets the days off to be footloose and fancy free! 
The joint seems tight so he tends to hold his legs (looks like a seagull :o), particularly the left one which is the bung one, up as if he is still wearing the brace. With each day it seems to becoming more loose though.

There is lots of backwards, pre-crawling going on.
We're going to have to batten the hatches and make this place kid friendly soon.

Gosh I love him.
Me x

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fox Hunting

                                                              Outfoxed by Lizzie House
                                                 I think I'll be buying some of this pretty soon.

<>Harvey is a Fox.
By that I don't mean good looking (though of course he is) I mean his surname is Fox.
So I've been hunting foxes.

Fortunately foxes seem to be the new owl.
I purchased the fun Fox Trails by Doohikey Designs. The whole range. I just love, love, love the argyle print!
Purchased here.

This great print is from a range called Anika by Monaluna.
It's on the list to buy.

 This one is by Anda on Spoonflower
There's quite a few choices on Spoonflower but at $11 a fat quarter or $18 per yard I don't think the budget will stretch to many of them.
I was just going to make something out of the Fox Trails range but now there seem to be so many fabrics featuring foxes, I think I might start collecting.
The kid can't have too many quilts, can he?

Do you know of any other foxy fabrics?
Let me know, please!
Abbe x

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finishes (finally!!!)

I've gone back and looked at old photos and finally found that I bought this Anna Maria Horner Flannel in February 2010. I started cutting out the quilt in June 2010 and now I have finally finished! Woohoooooo!!!

Simple squares, finished 7.5 inches.
I quilted the top to the batting, in the ditch.

Then I 'bagged' or pillowcased it to add the back.

I tied the back on at all the corners where the blocks meet.
It's a simple but gorgeously soft quilt. I think I've already said it but I would definitely recommend this flannel, it's gorgeous.

Another finish, just completed this morning while my assistant looked on.
My first Amy Butler bag.
I'm not completely happy with it. I read all the instructions about ten times and I went slowly, step-by-step which is a bit unlike me but I still found it hard. I think the pattern is a bit out but I fudged my way through.
I checked the AB website at Bianca's suggestion and there were corrections to an awful lot of Ms Butler's patterns. It surprises me that there can be so many mistakes, especially from someone who I consider to be at a high/professional level.

And because I can't resist showing off my bestest craft ever... 

Yep, that's just a little bit of cheek ;o)

Ab x

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm a big reader. I always have been. Dad was great in taking us to the library every month and I would get the 10 book maximum each time and I'd churn through them all. One of my first jobs when I have moved house has been to check out (pardon the pun) the new local library. I love to read as much as I love to craft.

What do you read? Who is your favourite author? Has a book changed your life? Do you ever read a book more than once?

I'll try most genres but I tend to fall back to the chick lit, drama or historical drama style of writing. I love authors such as Jodie Picoult, Maeve Binchy, Marian Keyes, Katie Fford, Bryce Courtney, Isla Evans...the list goes on....

Do you buy books or borrow them?
What book or author do you recommend that I read?

I can't wait to see your answers.
Ab aka Bookworm!