Sunday, March 28, 2010

So that's how you do it.... know how I can patch and sew like someone who has been doing it for eight years?
Well I must confess that I have no idea how to make clothes. I keep seeing the wonderful things that so many other bloggers make and I want in. I buy swodges of material with clothes in mind and I also buy patterns but I don't actually know how to cut a pattern out.

Or at least I didn't. Aunt Pam stepped up again and has shown me how. Lesson one was cutting and overlocking. It was fun and I seem to have something that resembles a skirt. It needs the yoke, band thing put on and a zip put in but that's for Lesson two. Looking forward to being twirly, wirly soon.

I also want to point out that exercise is BAD!
Guess who stepped in mud, went slip sliding and plopped her foot right into a mud puddle?
At least my toenails look fab :o)

And to keep you laughing...I dropped my mobile phone in the toilet today!
Eeeew gross, I know. I was't being weird and toileting while on the phone, it's just I got a call when I was in the middle of cleaning the bathroom. I thought I'd do a quick dust of the top of the cistern and then somehow a fumble ensued.


I fished it out, dried it and then Jules suggested putting it in a jar with dry rice to absorb any moisture. It seems okay so far....
You just gotta keep laughing.

Happy twirling, jumping through puddles and fishing,
Ab x


  1. I'm sorry but I had to chuckle!
    I've heard that the rice trick really works, so I have my fingers crossed for you.

  2. ooo, waiting for a twirly wirly photo next post. Aunty Pam sounds cool.
    Jogging is a health hazard haven't you been told?
    Hope the rice works seeing you told the whole world about it! :0)

  3. errr, mabye you won't want to eat that rice though

  4. Looking forward to seeing the twirly skirt, I love twirly skirts!

    Phone down the loo - too funny! :-P. Top tips from Julie and Jodie. LOL

  5. you had quite a run of luck!!!! and your toes do look very pretty

  6. Oh sorry Abbe but I had to laugh.Wonder what the person you were chatting to thought when the phone went PLOP and then nothing.LOL.

    Well done with your sewing lesson from Aunt Pam. Can't wait to see the finished skirt.

  7. I always knew exercise was bad for you and housework is just plain dangerous.

    I hope today is a better day for you.

  8. Ooh thanks I've washed my sons IPOD twice ! Maybe the rice will help that too . Sorry I laughed at your shoe , snicker !

  9. I dropped my cable needle in the toilet at a sporting event on Friday. I had forgotten it was tucked behind my ear... I left it and walked away!