Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We can dance, we can dance...

Everybody look at your pants!
The clothes making obsession hasn't ended so it must be a real one.
Some luscious lion pants for my roary lion.

Who has a big* lioney tooth to bite you with.
Finally some real Quick Change Trousers from Handmade Beginnings.
Funky red with robots on one side and boisterous blue with planes on the other. 
They were easy to make and I think they look pretty snazzy.
He'll get lots of wear out of them as I made the 9 month size (he's 7 months) and he's a little dainty for his age.

I will not be dainty for my age if I keep eating lunch dessert like this.
But it was a birthday treat for me.
31 the other day.
It snuck by without fanfare...it seems the stuff that used to be all about me isn't so much any more. Even more shocking, I don't mind!
It's all about the well dressed monster who is currently trying to pull the laptop cord out as I type.

Every time I see this pattern I Swoon.
Last night I decided I had to buy it because I need to make this quilt.
Camille had a sale for Halloween so I splurged a whole $7.49 (big spender, I know!) and now it's on its way to me.
There's going to be some tough decisions regarding what fabric to make the quilt out of....

Sending BIG LOVE to my lovely bloggy and now real-life friend B, who is going through some very tough family stuff.

Ab x

*Be scared, the big tooth is just poking through the skin. Just.


  1. Ouch!!! Great pants and just look at the dessert as energy food, I'm sure you need it with a toothed monster around.. :o)
    Happy birthday for the other day....

  2. Love the pants! I remember when Brian got his first tooth...he bit me with it! LOL

  3. Great DUDS you have made for Harvey.

    Happy Belated birthday Ab.

  4. Those lion pants are almost as adorable as your 'assistant model' wearing them! Too cute.

  5. Cutie Britchers. One of the girls from Stitch and Bitch is making that Quilt, think I have a photo of it somewhere