Friday, June 25, 2010

A lucky duck

Just a quick post to say thanks to two lovely ladies and show off to the rest of you ;o)

The lovely Rachel at Tea with Lucy gifted me with this gorgeous brooch.
The crazy woman just gave birth yet still had time to draw a giveaway winner and get to the Post Office.
I think that's what is called a truly dedicated crafty blogger!

And these wonders are from the famous (or is that work computer won't let her blog through the automatic auditor - she must be naughty!!!) Kate of Two Little Banshees.
I won THREE patterns and a great layer cake of 'Happy Campers' fabric. I can't wait to get into it and use one of the patterns.
I do feel like a very lucky crafting chick. I love that people have giveaways.
I will aim for one on my 100th post which is slowly getting there.

Ab x

Note: All three pics lovingly taken from Rachel and Kate's blogs due to a crap camera and poo weather.

Ps. Thanks to the new ducks in the row. My 59 issue has been fixed!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've bounced around the 59 follower mark for ages. Down to 58, back up to 59 but I just can't seem to crack the grand mark of SIXTY.
It doesn't worry me but I do have a bit of a thing about numbers...
It's an OCD thing and it's messing with my head!
Come on you lovely lurkers FOLLOW ME.
Ab ;o)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A hex on me!

I'm sure at some stage I said that I was going to get whole lot of UFO's finished this year...maybe I meant next year because I seem to be starting something new. Actually two somethings.

A little hexy challenge is going on between a few ladies. Still sorting out the details but I've made a start anyway. I'm planning an off white, pink and green, shabby styles...something. I think it'll be another quilt. But who knows?

And these? Well these are the centres for a 1930's quilt I am planning.
I collected A LOT of 1930's fabrics when I decided I was going to do the flowers and I am never going to use all that I have in one quilt so....I'm planning at least two more :o) 

I went on a quick jaunt to Daylesford today and visited the Spa Quilters Quilt Show. It was really nice with lots of fabulous quilts, bags and wall hangings. The group seems to have a lot of different influences meaning there was a diverse range of patchy, quilty styles.  

Time for tea...and another sip of red.
Perfect accompaniment to the roaring fire.

Ab x 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wood she or wood'ent she?

Soooo who wants to come over for a bit of lumberjack work?
Yep, I gotta stack all of that..... there.

But it is worth it, as it creates a warm house that invites a bit of this.
'this' being - so warm and sleepy it makes your head floppy.

Did you think I'd forgotten that this little blog is about crafting. I surely hope not because some of it does happen here. Sometimes.
I bought some pre-cut hex papers from lovely this lady. Before I start on those I am cutting out a heap more petals for the flower blocks.

I've also basted the purple wonder. I have bruises on my knees to prove it. I just didn't think you'd need to see the knobby knees. The really are quite knobular!

An update on the new money receptacle...I counted it up and it came to $175.00!
Not bad at all. So people (sew people?), start throwing your spare change into something, somewhere and don't touch it till you need it.
I'm putting this lot in my high interest account. That's going to be a whole lot of American flavoured FQ's or a ticket to Disneyland.

Abs x

Sunday, June 6, 2010


She fell off the couch when I was taking her picture.

Death has come to the Copper Patch household.

But at least I can pay my taxes!!!

Actually the purpose of saving has changed. Yes, I'd love a new machine at some stage but after a conversation with Mr CP about a visit to Disneyland (all for Little Mr CP of course, nothing to do with me just being a big kid...) I made the call that if I'm going all the way to the States,

I'm going to Houston too!!!

Meet my new saving receptacle :o)

Has anyone been to Houston International Quilt Fair?
Has anyone been on a quilting tour? (anywhere, not just the states)
Any recommendations?
Anyone care to donate so I can afford the excess baggage fees on the way back?

Feedback peeps, I need feedback!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Death and taxes

A three legged ladybug who spends her days as a money box. As if!

Meet Miss Ladybug, a friend of mine for some years now and a useful friend indeed. Some time ago she was in an accident and lost a leg but she didn't let an injury hold her back. No, she spent her days and nights hiding in plain sight, fulfilling her destiny.
Although she is a lady, she does like money so we made a deal. She stands up tall, as best she can and takes my money and holds onto it until that rainy day comes.
We were saving for a new sewing machine, depositing coins in her rounded back whenever I spent real money. I have even been known to 'break' a note just to have some extra coins to add.

And then disaster struck. No not him, thank goodness. It's worse.

To be continued....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Check out my points!

This is another block for the 1st Wednesday Block Swap. 
Meet an 'Indian hatchet'
made for Monika of Miss Monny Quilts
Getting the points accurate was a challenge but I think I did okay. I absolutely love the fabric that she chose. I was just a little scared I was going to bugger it up. It's going to be a lovely quilt.

This is a little bag I made. I bought the fabric from Merrilyn and I just made the design up as I went along. The first attempt was wonky to say the least. I've fixed the problem and am now waiting for the instruction on how to affix the press stud button thingy. I just need to find and instructor. 'Vino-Stitch' ladies get your thinking caps on...

Today's bite of reality...
This is my stash. Well some of it at least. Note the labelled boxes and then note the fabric spilling out here, there and everywhere!
There's more in other spots but that's enough reality for now.

Sew well Lovelies, I'm off to stir my pumpkin risotto.
Ab x

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reality Bites

Miss Wendy over at the textured leaf sent an award my way. Versatile Blogger Award. There are rules but it's a bit 'chain mail' so I won't be following them. I am supposed to tell you seven things about me so, I will.

It's not something I have been involved in before but I thought it was time I shared some more (obviously you've all been wondering.....:o) and sometimes I don't feel like the real me on this blog. I mean, I'm me, it's just I don't swear, I'm always nicely dressed, I don't squeeze get it, I'm like the version of me I probably should try and be all the time.

Reality Bite Number 1:
I spend an inordinate amount of time on this couch.

That's my hand sewing but there's no intention of doing any of that tonight. The tv remote - never far away when I'm seated, my phone for texting, a book for during the tv ads, my diary because I left it there the other day bra. Yep, reality is that I randomly take my bra off and leave it where ever. I am wearing a top for those concerned about me getting a cold again.

Reality Bite Number 2: 
I don't have a water saver shower head and I don't keep my showers to 4 minutes.
On the other hand, I don't flush very often so I'm saving lots of water there.
It's not gross - there's even a poem about it!
'If it's yellow, let it mellow.
If it's brown, flush it down!'

Reality Bite Number 3:
She spewed on my carpet.
There really isn't that much carpet at my house but that is where she hucked. It's orange. The carpet is not.

Oh look. There's my bra again!

Reality Bite Number 4:
I love to cook but I hate doing dishes. I was a 'dish pig' also known as a kitchen hand, for 3.5 years when I was at school so I believe I've done more than my fair share. I don't have a dishwasher so generally you will find dirty dishes on my sink. I also believe in the drip dry method so there are always either clean or dirty and quite often both.
See I AM a bad kid!

Reality bite Number 5:
My tipple for this evening. It's contains chili so now I am not chilly.
It's not a giant bottle, it's a tiny glass. The winery was called 'Lost the Plot' and is in Margaret River W.A.
There is a whole shelf dedicated to booze in my pantry. I struggle to open 'special' bottles so they will last. Luckily for my liver, there are only 'special' bottles in there.

Reality bite Number 6:
I want to be a lot more productive then I am. I have a huge amount of fabric but I don't delve into it nearly enough. I'm great at starting or even just pondering the uses but I don't get much finished. I really must work on that...

Reality Bite Number 7:
Sometimes real life is hard and sometimes I want to slap sense into people. I mean really, actually slap them. I am judgemental, bitchy, don't shave my legs nearly often enough (poor Mr CP) and I'm stubborn. I let people down. I am late. I am bossy. I whine about my job. I call my cat 'sh1t for brains' just for the fun of it (I say it in a sing song way so she thinks I'm saying something nice) and I still sleep with my teddy. His name is Ted.

On the other hand...I like to do nice things for people when they least expect it (no, not just after I've slapped them!). I love to stop and take a second to look at the stars before heading to work on night shift. I like that some of you think I AM a nice girl that doesn't swear :o) I'm proud of who my dad made me be.
I absolutely love patchwork, fabric, notions and all things quilty.
I am so excited about where this jaunt could lead.
Hope you come along for the ride.

Do any of you hide a little bit of you from Blogland?