Monday, December 19, 2011

Sacked Again!

Santa Sacked.

The Quality Control Officer gave his tick of approval and then checked out the photography equipment at very close range.
Another tick.

His pristine skin makes his Mumma look wrinkly!

Better make sure there's enough room for all of Santa's goodies....
"Enough with the photos Mum!"
Bloody paparazzi.....

Harvey's Santa Sack made by me. Cotton and applique on the front, a reindeer pattern on the back.
To accompany the one made for his big brother.
The tradition in our family was to lay ours at the end of our bed on Christmas Eve.
We'll make sure Harvey's is in place of course.

Any special traditions in your families?

Happy Christmas Craziness Lovelies,
Ab x


  1. He is just too cute Ab! What a great age, lots of interaction - (as long as there is not too much interaction in the wee hours).
    Harvey is just going to looove all that Xmas paper on Xmas day.
    We had a pillow case on the end of our beds on Xmas Eve

  2. OH how cute. Harvey has such gorgeous big eyes!!!

    We are always woken Christmas morning to the sound of Little Drummer Boy playing.Oh sung by Charlie Pride. nice.

  3. TG it passed Quality Control inspection and is nice and roomy. As for traditions -a childhood one that still happens whenever she gets the chance is my mother draping across her head the ribbons and bows from every present as it is opened. Weirdo.

  4. Abbe, that is such a cool sack for Harvey. He is such a hunny. I can't believe how quickly he is growing.

  5. Yay. Harvey in his sack! Cute.

  6. Uh oh...Harvey's been sacked! LOL He's just so cute! :0)

  7. geez, how organised are you- this kids been sacked for his first Christmas- very impressive!

  8. Pretty sure a court wouldn't convict you for chewing on that sweet little face. That Santa sack is amazing! Thanks for your sympathy re little George (another babelet just barely escaping mama-cide via nibbling.)