Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'!

Gonna dance the night away.

From this at 4 months in the DB Bar Brace for his hip dysplasia to...
Taking his first steps with his walker! 
I tried to upload the video but Blogger was going mental.
He goes up and down the hallway (not great with steering just yet but getting there) and giggles and laughs the whole way.
I thought crawling was hectic but I foresee many, many "No Harvey!'s" in our future.
(not to mention, "be careful!!!", "Don't touch that!" and "Come here, Mummy will kiss it better...")

He's ace.
The hip is developing really well according to the specialist.
Some more x-rays over the next few years and lots of good growing and he'll be just fine.

Thanks for the enquiries and support.
Ab xx

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Day of Delights

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of hosting a reunion of sorts. A group of lovely ladies and I got together a couple of years ago and much fun was had. It was long overdue for us to do it again.

Julie, the queen of Narioka and all things quilty, shirring (whirring) and gorgeous dresses.
Kate, the doyen of crochet at Foxs Lane and master of all crafts, including quilting these days.
Bianca, who is the maker of Stuff and the Swooney extroidinaire and frazzled energy.
Fi, so Dear to me, super sewist who managed TWO quilt tops in a day and half - amazing.
Peta, can be found wandering amoung Pippiwillows she's a quilter-to-be and extremely tallented in the world of felting. Who needs elfin stitches when you can make shoes?!?!
Faith, not a blogger and new to quilting but grabbing it by both hands and getting her sew on!
Jodie, Sadly couldnt make it due to needing new dentures (that right Jod...? ;o) Next time...

Due to being hostess with the mostess, I failed at taking photos on the day so lets see what I can 'steal' when I visit their blogs....

The best bet is to head on over to Julie's blog at http://narioka.blogspot.com/ and see her lovely pics.

Including many other topics, we had a bit of a discussion regarding crockery. The general consensus was that fine china for ones cup of tea is the best way to go. I had to blow the cobwebs out of this dainty little pretty but it does seem to make things taste nicer...

Even Mr CP agreed.

Time for a walk.
Have a great day.
Ab x

Sunday, January 29, 2012


No really, I have some finishes!!!

The Cowboy Quilt is bound.
When I know who it is for (ie when a boy baby is born) it will get a label but I'm definitely calling that a finish for January.
This baby girl quilt top is complete. Just need to get quilting as this one will be needed in March.
I quite like doing wonky stars, not need to worry about precise points.
And Swooney.
I know I said it was going to be for Mr CP but I'm thinking it's a bit girly.
Most of the blue fabrics are quite floral.

So I started this....

An all blue, manly-man, solids quilt.
I'm loving it and I think he will too.
I'm also really enjoying the extra challenge that triangles, HST's and flying geese pose.
I think there's been a few too many square and rectangle quilts in my past.

So now I have TWO finishes to link into the 12 in 2012 finish-along.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Swoon sucker

My powers are about as resistant as Superman's to Kryptonite.
Since the Swoon quilt is on my list of finishes for 2012, I don't think I'm breaking any rules.
The Swoon-along hosted by Katy.

I've auditioned many fabrics and I think these 18 have got the part.
Several Denyse Shmidt from Spotlight have snuck their way in.
The last thing I need is to work out what background colour.
Blue? Green? Grey?
Big decisions.

Oh and did I mention that I have my first proper finish for 2012?

I started this quilt last year when I was given the fabric and thought my unborn needed a quilt. I liked the colour of the fabric but not that chuffed by the print or feel of the fabric (rough).
I've quilted it simply in the ditch and finally got the binding finished last night.
Great to add my first entry in the 12 WIP's in 2012 and
a relief!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hallaluja, there's been progress

I got started on one of the baby quilts yesterday. I'm doing some wonky stars in some very girly fabrics. I'll get back to that this afternoon...thank the gods for nap time!
The other night, on a whim, I decided to try my hand at some free-motion quilting. I did a class here a couple of years ago and liked stippling but I couldn't get the tension right on the machine - looked good on the front of my practice piece but it was a knotted shambles on the back. The same thing was happening again so I
decided to do a funny thing and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS....
Absolutely amazing what you can learn.

Anywho, a quick stippled whiz about on my practice quilt sandwich and I grabbed the Cowboy quilt top, some batting and backing and spray basted it. I then hand to do motherly duties, all the while excited about getting stuck into the machine quilting.

Finally, it was bedtime for the monster and I could have a go and....

It took about an hour.
It's far from perfect but I love it.
As soon as I was finished I was feverishly looking around for another quilt to throw on the machine.
I came to my sense and had a calming chocolate milkshake instead.

In the meantime I have machine appliqued the 'On the Move' blocks and basted the 'Faves' Amy Butler quilt. I'm trying to find the right thread colour to match the striking pink backing but have been thwarted by closed quilt shops so far. I have been making great progress with the WIP's and still feel really enthusiastic about getting things finished.

And this guy. Shucks, I just love him.

Even though he's turned into a vampire.... 
Check out those fangs!!!! 
It looks hilarious.

Nearly nap time...I'm heading for the sewing room while Mr Fox deals with Master Fox.
Ab x

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's time I exposed myself

Don't be rude, I'm showing my WIP's not my arse!

I am challenging myself to get all of the following projects finished.
Last year was supposed to be the year of finish but then I had the best kind of start (Master Harvey) instead so I was completely and utterly distracted.

So I invite you to look at the inner workings of this very distracted sewist....

My favourite Amy Butler fabrics quilt. It's possibly to be long arm quilted, possibly to be machine quilted by me...Anyway, the backing AND binding fabrics are sitting with it so it's semi organised.

Another Amy Butler quilt (there's three, I was obsessed ;o)
Also has backing ready to go. I will get this long armed.

'On the Move' cot quilt. I finally stuck the appliques on the other day, I need to raw-edge applique them and of course piece this one. It too has the binding and backing fabrics sitting with it. There are at least six babies that I need to create for this year (not including making a quilt for my own...the one that is yanking on the laptop right now. I guess I'm finishing this post later)

Several hours and a bedtime later....
Un-named red and white quilt for my friend Lisa. Already gifted and then taken straight back so that I could quilt it. Anyone noticing a theme?

The final Amy Butler, also un-named (I always name my quilts, usually with a pun) and unquilted. I'm planning to hand quilt this with Perle thread. I'd love to have this finished and being used this year.

This green and white number is the toile quilt. Um it's been a finished top for a very long time. Dare I say at least five years. Oops. To be long arm quilted when I find a backing. I'm considering scalloping the border so I think that's held back the finishing.

'Cowboys' is another top that 's been languishing in the 'Tops to be Quilted' container. I really wished I'd bought bolts of the red with white spot - it's the scrummiest colour. This will be for one of those many babies. I'm banking on a few boys at least.

This is 'Chocolate Lollipop' in the Walk the Line pattern by Sarah Fielke (I think. It was in Australian Better Homes and Gardens some time ago). Must piece it.

'Birdie Stitches' was a stitch-along on the LMS blog. I ran out of steam but plan on using the blocks for a girl baby quilt.

The 'Rainbow Connection' is a zig zag quilt. I think it's going to be for our bed...who knows? Much piecing to be done.

A table runner that I practiced hand quilting on. It has needed binding for quite some time and it'll give me an easy finish.

Another one for a baby-to-be. Simple but very cute panel. I'll machine quilt it.

Oooh look another panel. As above.

Some scrummy, girly fun fabrics for girl baby-to-be (the only one I know what the sex is...because her mum accidentally told me - oops!) probably a simple star pattern.

I'm hoping to start (and finish) this stitchery, well the whole quilt actually, with my favourite wenches B and Jules.

Finally Swoony. I've never made a quilt for my one true love and it's really about time that I did. His favourite colour is blue and mine is green so I'm hoping to make it a perfect fit for both of us.  

So that's me exposed.
Eleven, yes ELEVEN tops to be pieced and/or quilted.
Five quilts to be started and finished....um, also at least a few other for the remaining babies.
Eeeek that probably means TWENTY QUILTS to complete.

Oh well, I'll be a super sewist (my new word) in 2012.
Wishing you all good luck and productivity with all that you begin this year.
Abbe :o)

Ps. I am linking into the 12 WIP's in 2012 created by AJ. A bit of extra motivation for me.