Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haaaaarvey Bear

in his underweeeeeear....
That's what I sing to my little bear.

Poor bugger ;o)

My bear and I will be adventuring tomorrow. Time for H to meet darling Dear Fii, another crafty aunt.
We're off the the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne.

If anyone else is heading into town to craft-up, give me a yell and we'll say hello. Email me at copperpatch @ gmail dot com
Or just look out for my scrumptious bear in his 'kingfisher blue' pram. Fi and I will be the ones gooing and gaahing (nope, the novelty hasn't warn off for me at all!!!) and Fi likes babies so much that she has five and is training to help bring more into the world.

On the home front all is well in the Copper Patch world. I'm getting bugger-all done but have made some progress with my rainbow project. I laid out some on the floor and Mr CP commented "it's bright." Hmmmm.....

Harvey is growing well and sleeping through at least 10 hours a night. yes, that says TEN! Sometimes he sleeps 13 hours and I feel like I have a teenager already :o)
So we are well rested around here.

Righto, time to pack the bag for tomorrow.
I miss travelling light....
Ab xx

Friday, July 15, 2011

There's no business....

Like snow business!
Look what I found in the snow drifts :o)

We had a wonderful day at Lake Mountain. We played on the toboggans while Harvey watched and there was the inevitable snowball fights. Young Mr CP (my 8yr old stepson) was the best target of course and conveniently if you were holding Harvey you were barley (safe).

A sunny day most of the time and no wind so even though it was zero degress, it wasn't cold.

And today he slept. Must have been worn out making those snowballs!

Ab x

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Want a rainbow?

Beautiful 100% cotton 'Emma Louise' Quilters Muslin is a Rainbow of colours.
Now available in my Cratumi store.

What Craftumi store you ask??? Well..... this one!

Other colours also available are French navy, Chinese Red, White and Vanilla.
A great way to boost your stash of solids.

It's a really lovely fabric to work with and ever since I first discovered it, I have used it in my quilts. 
The white is lovely for sashing.
Big and small. 

I've started a rainbow quilt to feature all this colourfull yummyness but a certain someone keeps stealing my crafting time by being all cute.

I'm happy to take direct orders through the blog. Just comment or email me at copperpatch dot

I'm off to find that pot of gold.
Ab x

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good crafternoon

Today I have all the makings of a good afternoon of crafting:
A pile of rainbow to turn a spark of an idea into a reality.

Flowers from a friend to celebrate my three months of motherhood. Lucky me!

A 'made for tv' movie for background noise. 

A sleeping Harvey.
Sleep promotes sleep 'they' say.
A gold star for his efforts :o)

Happy crafternoon to you all.
Ab x

Monday, July 4, 2011

3 Months

When you are three months old even your feet astound you.
I can't believe we've had this little man for three months.
He's grown so much.
He eats, he sleeps and he smiles a lot.

And look! He's got feet.
Two of them.
There's a whole world of discoveries to come but why not start with feet?
Ab x