Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better Days

With my assistant on the floor I'm ready to sew.
I needed a 'Go-bag' to hold a couple of nappies and wipes for those days where we are unlikely to need the big nappy bag.  
I re-purposed a very badly made apron from years ago. Back when I didn't understand sewing speed control or the need to get a machines tension sorted.

The quality control tester has approved so I can claim and very small, very quick finish. Woohoo!!!
No more daggy plastic ziplock bag!
A huge storm rolled in this afternoon. Thunder, lightning and then the power went out.
It hasn't stopped raining for several hours and soon I'm going to need scuba gear to leave the house.
Weather like this calls for soup.
Minestrone just reheating now for my dinner.

My tired eyeballs aren't necessarily rested as the Monster is waking for feeds during the night again (must be huge growth spurt as he's feeding more than ever!) but feeling much better.
Thanks for the kind words lovelies.

Ab xx

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tired eyeballs

I was a productive woman yesterday. There was lots of washing hung to take advantage the breezy, sunny day, some weeding in the garden while the Monster watched from the shade of a brolly, exploring grass for the first time and a walk with our lovely Playgroup buddies.

Last night I was fired up thinking of all the things I could do today - I felt some crafting coming on....

And then I woke up.

Just one of those days where I feel sluggish, a headache has tugged at my temple all day and I feel like it's been a wasted day.  I did manage a short walk to Playgroup and a chat with the other new mums.

I've nearly finished the AMH flannel quilt, just got to finish tying it. I'm loving how soft it is and can highly recommend the flannel for a quilt or even just backing. The Lou Lou Thi line is being released in flannel...might just have to get some.

The little Monster is awake so maybe I can cure what ails me with some smoochy cuddles.

Ab x

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheap Thrills, Multitasking and a Winner

One boy likes sitting in a box while he sings music from the Blues Brothers (his current obsession) so I thought I mose well put the little boy one in too.
We're all about expensive toys in this house :o)
Today I am trying to get things done.
Sometimes that means doing two things at once. 
If only he could fold while I carry him and the basket to his room.
Something to work on...

Yesterday while I should have been drawing a giveaway winner, I was making butter!
Ever since I watched a Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals ep as few months ago I've been hankering to try and make my own. Guess what??? It tastes like real butter. A carton of pure cream in the KitchenAid mixer and about ten minutes later I had butter and buttermilk.
I added a little salt and ta dahhhhh!

Now, that GIVEAWAY winner - Random Generator says Number 1.
Lizzie, that's you!

Email me your snail mail details and a rainbow will be in your letterbox soon.
Thanks for commenting everyone.

Time for lunch and dishes before my 'distracter' wakes.
Have a great, sunshiney day people.
Ab xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A day Off!!!

I had a day off.
That may not seem like a big deal but, it's the first one I've had in 5 months.!
Mr CP was in charge of Harvey Monster and I had the whole day to do as I pleased (of course interrupted for feeds but then I handed H straight back!) and I spent my day in the sewing room.

It was wonderful!

Does anyone else do the "Ta dahhhh!!!!" reveal of their quilt tops?
I did with this one except it went, "Ta dahhh...ohh crap!"
I'd sewn a row upside down :o(
Unsewed, resewed and

Ta Dahhhhh!!!!! 
I'm machine quilting in the ditch but without the backing on as I want to 'bag' it and then tie the back on.
Something different for me but I think it will work well.

One day away from him is enough.
For now...

Abbe x

Don't forget the GIVEAWAY.
I'll draw it this coming Sunday evening, the 18th Sept.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A meeting of minds

Sometimes the best way to get an invitation to somebodies house is to just invite yourself.
Ms Narioka and myself plotted and then garnered ourselves an 'invitation' to visit that Bianca girl who makes stuff. Not such a big trip now that she is a Victorian again.

I packed the kid.
Ooh look shiny thing!
I packed the car. 
Kisssy smoochy noises!!
I packed some craft. 
This finger tastes almost as good as my thumb!
I packed some munchies. 
See no evil!
What's the point of having kids if you can't amuse yourself with them???

There was craft - Bianca's scrumptious hexies. 
Julies wonderfully pretty hair clips. 
We stayed up late talking while we stitched.
We had an ace time.
Welcome home B.

There was a missing member to the quartet - her nose is in a book as she studies hard but next time...whoa nelly, it'll be a SIT reunion!

Photos taken by the rather effortlessly talented Jules.

Another visit to RCH for Master Harvey and his gammy hip.
He had an ultrasound with the brace on and then with it off and it's doing really, really well.
He's even allowed time off for good behaviour so he had his first bath in four weeks. He was quite swimmy once he realised he could be.
Back to the doctor in 5 weeks so fingers crossed for lots more growing which will make this process lots quicker for Harvs.
Today he modelled a gorgeous 'bomber' style jacket from the range 'Baby Takes a Trip' designed by my childhood bestie, Hayley. Check out her online store. She stocks really pretty, vintage style clothes for kids.

Quiet night in tonight. Couch, chocolate and trashy tv.
Ab x

Monday, September 5, 2011

A finished Wonder!

I'm hoping the generous and wonderful contributors for this quilt haven't all given up on me. I deserve a smack for taking so long and and even bigger whack since the quilt has been complete since the end of last year, it just needed a label.
That's been printed for several months.
Finally last night, I stitched it on.
The Purple Wonder is complete.

A gorgeous quilt for my dear friend who still finds herself struggling and who will love this quilt through her good times and bad.

To be gifted next week.
More photos then.

Master Harvey has been entirely breastfed for five months (he reached that milestone on Saturday - it's gone sooo fast!) but there's been a hiccup with supply so I'm boosting his feeds with a bit of formula.
This is only his 5th bottle and he's already mastered the bottle and toy hold.
What a smarty pants :o)

Abbe x

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Spring has Sprung!
I'm so glad, all the seeds I've been hanging to plant can't be sown until spring. Nothing to stop me now!
The weather, well actually we've already had a lot of spring-like weather over winter but still, it will only improve more.

To celebrate spring I am having a SALE in my Craftumi Store until the end of September.
All of my blog followers will receive 10% off all fabric (postage excluded)
There is free postage on needles/notions for all Australian buyers.

International buyers will receive discounted postage on needles/notions and the same 10% discount on fabric.

 To really celebrate I'm also having a 


A rainbow of fat quarters to boost your collection of solids. 

No big hoops, just leave a comment about your favourite season and why.

I am planning on blogging as much as possible.I feel like it's helping me get into the sewing room and inspired me to finally, yes finally, get my real sewing dream happening.

Looking forward to reading your comments.
Ab x

Ps. I will draw the GIVEAWAY next week