Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Lap Full of Love

Another big week of work and then I visited my dad and step mum. They live 3.5 hours away so I don't get a chance to see them that often. My dad had major surgery 5 weeks ago which scared me a little bit so I am determined to make the time to see them more often. It was a relaxing couple of days. I find that I regress in age a bit when I visit them, I get my breaky, lunch and dinner made and basically get fussed over. It's hard not to kick back and enjoy but then that's what parents are for :)

This weekend my friend Faith who I've known since Primary School visited, along with another friend. I made Faith a quilt and matching cushion back on 2005. I got her to bring it this weekend so I could take some pics. It is Amy Butler fabrics with mostly white sashing. I tied it rather than quilting it and it seems to be holding together well. She said she uses it most nights in front of the tv. I love knowing that my work is with someone who understands the effort and expense. I know that she really appreciated me making it for her.
I called it a Lap full of Love - it's a lap sized quilt and it was made and given with love. Faith and I have been through the highs and lows of life and friendship since Grade 3 (age 9) when we had to sit together for remedial time telling. We both eventually understood the intricacies of the big hand and the little hand and haven't had to rely on digital watches :)

Hope you all have a lap full of love.
Abbe :)
Righto, off to sew some binding......

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mini break Melbourne

Not much sewing to report but I did get a wonderful surprise. I was whisked away to Melbourne by Mr CP. Due to shift work clashes we hadn't seen each other for nearly two weeks. To say I was a little grumpy about it doesn't quite cover how I was feeling.

Finally a few days off coincided so we jumped on a train and headed for the big smoke. Mr CP surprised me with a lovely hotel room, a visit to NGV to see the Dali exhibition and tickets to see Chicago. We had a wonderful time exploring the city from above and below. We went up the Eureka building and watched a beautiful sunset and headed down some lane ways for coffee and cupcakes. I can definitely recommend the Belgian Chocolate and the Jaffa cupcakes from Little Cupcake on Degreaves Street. Tasty!

Back to reality yesterday....

I STILL haven't finished the 'I Spy' but I'll sew the binding on tmrw and get it stitched down over the next week.
Couch time with my book before work this afternoon.
Happy sewing,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost there! Almost.

I haven't quite finished the 'I Spy' but the quilting is done. All that is left is the binding and the label. Due to work commitments I can't make the party tomorrow so I guess that gives me an extension anyway.
I had a craving to make a bag last week - I know, I know, why would one succumb considering the current deadline but sometimes the creative urge has to be satisfied. Just like my cravings for chocolate! As punishment I won't blog it til I've completed the I Spy.
I thought I'd include a pic of one of the challenge quilts I mentioned. This is the one from last year. We started by each choosing a 10.5inch block of fabric and then it passed between the other three 'members' (my aunts) and they added particular blocks as it went along. Pam makes the rules for each step which sometimes stretches our imagination and ability but it has been a great way to learn. I love that I ended up with a blue quilt. There are lots of really nice/modern oriental prints that all tie in really well and a good mixture of blocks including log cabin and square in a square.
I haven't finished it yet. I think I'll add a border of one of the darker blues. Just another top that needs to be finished day. 2009 has been the year of finishing off so it may get done.
Happy stitching and frolicking in the sunshine.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My best excuse for lazy bones!

Meet Bodhi. He's 12.5 weeks old, single and hoping to eventually be able to reach his currently elusive tail. Isn't he gorgeous? Bodhi belongs to my very good friend Jess who I used to work with. They came for a sleepover last night and we got up to much mischief - especially Bodhi. Annabell, my cat, was not overly impressed with him although she seemed more miffed that he wasn't scared by her hissing. He just seemed confused by it. I justify this post being about Bodhi by putting in a pic with a quilt in the background.

This is the only quilt I have ever had in a show. It was entered in a Vic Quilters show for the quilting. Her name (yes, she has a name :) is Bella Rose and she is made out of Robyn Pandolph 'Hannah Bella' fabrics. This fabric was the first impulse, stash buy. My how things have changed since then! The quilt was professionally quilted by Jenny Carmichael of Bayside quilting who has since become a wonderful friend.

Bohdi thoroughly enjoyed snuggling up with Jess and I underneath Bella Rose. It was a chilly night last night, even with the fire roaring. It made it a great night for lazing in front of the tv with a hot choccy.

I completed the backing for the 'I Spy' today and made a quick visit to Threadneedle Craft for the batting. I have lots of random batting pieces but nothing big enough for this quilt. I guess the bits and pieces will become baby quilts and bags.

I have more than a week to get it finished and I'm quite confident it'll be done in time. I just need to set up my new printer so that I can print a label. Another challenge for a somewhat computer-techno-unabled patcher. Fingers crossed.....

Happy quilting,


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sometimes a deadline helps

The days are counting down until the 'I Spy' quilt is due to be given as a birthday gift. I spent a few hours a day over the last few days and managed to get the top finished. I'll be doing pretty simple quilting so I think I'll get it done in time.

I received an email from Merilyn at saying that she was starting a 'Finish' group. It is a great idea of hers for a casual monthly get together where you take those things you've been planning on finishing. It will be my new form of deadline. I guess a good sort of pressure to have something a little closer to completion each time I go. There's a lot to be said for 'Show and tell' to get one to put the book down and sew a little more :)

Sorry about the dark piccy of the 'I Spy' - grey sky and a big downpour just as I was taking it.

I'm also doing a Chinese Whispers fabric swap with my aunts. My aunt Pam does the organising of our challenge quilts. We've completed three before this one with varying themes and challenges. It's lovely to have quilts that we've all worked on and since we're all related we each take a lot of care with fabric choices and block construction. As I've become time poor and moved away we are just doing a simple thing this time. All I have to do is find or buy two 2.5inch strips (the length of the fabric) that co-ord with two I am sent and then post them back. Pretty easy so far. I can't wait to see what has evolved from the two strips I originally sent.

Time for dinner. Happy stitching,


Saturday, August 1, 2009

The pet or the boss?

Just a quick hour at the cutting board and machine today. I have 2 weeks to get a kids 'I spy' quilt done. I had bought pre-cut 6" squares but when they arrived I found that they were not square. I've trimmed them up and added some extras from my stash. It's getting there, just need to sew the rows together and add some borders, then quilt it, then bind it. I guess there is a bit to go :)

I had my usual helper today. Whenever I sit at my machine a little someone makes a leap for my lap. It's not so helpful when I have to get up every few minutes to arrange the blocks on my 'design board' (read: floor) and gather others. That means for a lot of leaping on and jumping down. We came to a compromise after a while and she sat at the back of the chair. It was better but it meant I found myself being very careful so I didn't disturb her.

Ahhh to have a cats life!