Monday, January 13, 2014

How much can a koala bear?

We just had a long weekend visiting my dad. The boys love visiting Poppie, there's always lots of fun and the kind of spoiling that one expects from a grandparent to his grandchildren. 
There are also lots of discussions and important questions, such as why? And sometimes why? And often why?
Can you tell we're at the why stage?
On Saturday we went on an adventure to Raymond Island - a quick ferry ride over and then we started on the koala walk. Both Dad and I were a bit skeptical about how many koalas we would see. It turned out our skepticism was being watched by not one, but two koalas. Not that they were paying that much attention, drunken sloths!
Another 25 metres of walking and we saw this little chap scrounging around for ants. 
Harvey was very impressed. Can you imagine how many times he asked 'why' as I explained what we were looking at?
The walk is about 1.2kms and we saw over 15 koalas.
Make that 16 :-)
After the days adventures I tucked the boys into bed (after resettling Lachy several times, he isn't such a fan of that whole sleeping thing), and started on a little knitting project.
I watched 'Land Girls' on Iview, messed up the rib band twice but made some progress. Eventually it should be a jumper for Lachy. I'm using Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton in this lovely blue with a couple of pale blue stripes. Better get back to it or it'll never get finished.
Abbe x

Monday, January 6, 2014


We got a new rug yesterday. Nothing super fancy. There was bartering with the guy in the shop. I just had to after he mentioned Turkey and his cousin....I love when people fit their stereotypes!
Lachy and I decided to test it out with a good roll around. We might play with some blocks and then probably clap joyfully because we can clap now.
Definitely a good way to spend my morning.
Ab x

Pre Christmas Loony

After my bag making success I decided I needed to satisfy my seamstressness.
I went through my patterns and my overflowing tub of fabric and paired things up. I figured it was time to get stuck into what I've got before I decide I 'need' to buy fabric in the post Christmas sale.
Then I started
I seem to have made a bit of a sack out of Kwik Sew 3856.
Adding a belt and taking up the hem and it's much better. I think a tan/brown belt will suit heaps better but I don't have one yet. 
I played around with making a lining for the bodice which I've never done before.
I often send pics to Jules so the poked out tongues are for her. The smile is to show her that I'm not always a rude, juvenile sewist.
The plan is to make this dress out of some red voile with dandelions. I delusionally thought that might happen on Christmas Eve to wear the night of Christmas Eve but clearly that was ridiculous. I'll get stuck in before new year though. I'm enjoying the learning curve.

Ab x