Monday, November 28, 2011


Why didn't I think of this before???
Get the newest family to do it!
Sadly, he tired of it quickly but I feel there is some potential considering how excited he was when he saw Mr Dyson.

After reading the many and varied responses to my last post, I realise that we all have an axe to grind when it comes to our 'others'. I guess if they were asked, there'd be a few things lacking with us too.
I floated the idea of my Mr paying me to do his chores (I thought win, win as they'd get done and I'd have pocket money to spend on important things like fabric) He laughed his arse off and said we should get a real cleaner.

So nothing is actually resolved but I've vented and honestly, I realise that Mr CP is quite domesticated (makes him sound like a pet!) and I am lucky to have him.
And he's lucky to have me!!!

My aunty Pam, a fellow stitchy sister, once said, "Start as you wish to carry on."
I've held onto that advice and in the three years Mr CP and I have been together, I have held the same expectations that we share chores and responsibilities. I think it's mostly working and therefore should continue.

Time for a walk with my little slave in training  bubba.
Ab x


  1. Yes he is lucky to have you! As long as he doesn't moult on the couch you should probably keep Mr CP. Working on the mini CP might be the easiest option.

  2. Is he lying down on the section he just cleaned? lol Good that you and Mer Copper Patch can laugh about the situation. Hope you find a comfortable rut. Cherrie

  3. I would get the payed cleaner so I would have more ME time.
    I agree with Jr CP about lying down on the job.Looks good.

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