Friday, October 21, 2011

Finishes (finally!!!)

I've gone back and looked at old photos and finally found that I bought this Anna Maria Horner Flannel in February 2010. I started cutting out the quilt in June 2010 and now I have finally finished! Woohoooooo!!!

Simple squares, finished 7.5 inches.
I quilted the top to the batting, in the ditch.

Then I 'bagged' or pillowcased it to add the back.

I tied the back on at all the corners where the blocks meet.
It's a simple but gorgeously soft quilt. I think I've already said it but I would definitely recommend this flannel, it's gorgeous.

Another finish, just completed this morning while my assistant looked on.
My first Amy Butler bag.
I'm not completely happy with it. I read all the instructions about ten times and I went slowly, step-by-step which is a bit unlike me but I still found it hard. I think the pattern is a bit out but I fudged my way through.
I checked the AB website at Bianca's suggestion and there were corrections to an awful lot of Ms Butler's patterns. It surprises me that there can be so many mistakes, especially from someone who I consider to be at a high/professional level.

And because I can't resist showing off my bestest craft ever... 

Yep, that's just a little bit of cheek ;o)

Ab x


  1. What a cutie there...your quilt and bag are just awesome!

  2. Must get the pattern of you for that last project. Its rather cute.

    Love the quilt, must be great to have it finished, I need to do a bit of the same.

    Just realised why the AB pattern I have probably never worked!!!! Grrrr.

  3. good work there and isn't he a little cherub now, so cute!

  4. Hasn't he got wonderful eyes? He really is gorgeous.

  5. oh my Harvey is precious!!!! i love the flannels that you used. the colors are so pretty together and it looks so soft and cozy.

  6. WOW Harvey has grown so big. Gorgeous boy.

    You have been busy stitching the nice quilt and bag

  7. Harvey's such a sweetie! He looks a bit startled in that last picture! Love the quilt and the bag! :0)

  8. Well Done on Finishing your Quilt...even with Harvey you still Manage to get some stitching time...Good for You..
    He is just so Cute Ab..

  9. I've just stumbled upon your blog... thankyou for the Amy Butler correction tip, I've just printed out some further instructions for the bag I have given up on, and you've inspired me to give it another go :) BTW that is one cute baby!