Thursday, August 26, 2010

Doesn't matter what you call it

Fairy floss, candy floss, cotton candy. Either way, it's YUM!

And I just ate half a bag. YUM!

Mr CP was kind enough to heed my subtle hint when he told me he was taking Little CP to Luna Park.

Ahhh the heart fluttered with love when he arrived at my house baring floss.
Love him. Love heated, spun, pink sugar that's whipped into cloudy fluffyness.

Hope you are all finding your kind of sweetness,
Ab x

Friday, August 20, 2010


The weather has been brilliant for these guys.
 Just to the right is their 'lake' it could also be known as a rather large pothole in my driveway but since they like to paddle in it....Lake Noble it is.

See that funny grey stuff on the floor?
That's dust. Big, bad, hairy (cat and me), half a pecan, a paperclip and dirt kind of dust.
Amazing what you can find under your couch. I had a good clean up today as a means of de-funking and....

It worked!
I got to sewing straight after I *finished.
This is my first completed flower for Hexed 2010 - a little challenge a few ladies are playing in.

Amazing what a couple of decent sleep-ins, some chocolate and couch time can do.
I'm a new woman.
Thanks for all of the bloggy love.

Happy sewing lovelies,
Ab x

* 'finished' meaning I swept and vac'd most of the house. That's it. It's not like it's spring yet. Plus I didn't want to keel over from all the effort. I needed energy to Hex.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not, not here. Just tired.

And just a little bit grumpy. So I'm having a bloggy break. I did a bit of crafting with some lovelies last night but overall I can't be arsed.

Next week I sew like the wind!

I hope.

Can't wait to see what you've all been up to though.

Ab x

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Winners are Grinners!

So a very technical approach was employed in order to select the winner of the giveaway.
All the names were written on paper and then Annabell (who obviously had to play a part since it was all about her) selected the winner with her paw.
She seemed unimpressed and somewhat scared but maybe that was all of the merriment and laughter going on around her. But that's another story...

Drum roll please!

And the winner isn't
Fi of Dear Fii

She did win but on a technicality so she donated the book back (apparently 5 is enough babies for her...)

So, a re-draw.

The new winner IS

Cam of CURLY POPS!!!!

People are going to start talking Cam, there seems to be a line of luck running between us and our giveaways!

(Random Generator used but no idea how to add it as a pic so you'll have to trust me :)

Thanks for entering and sharing your wonderful stories of unrequited love. It seems many of you stumbled upon true love at some stage.

Happy sewing peeps,
Ab x

Monday, August 2, 2010

A little lesson

For all of you unsuspecting sewing lovelies out there - don't sew your pins.
I guess I could use it as a hook to get the fluff out of the machine....

Just a little somethin' in the hoop....

And a secret something else.

Don't forget the bloggerversary giveaway.
Ladies, you have been cracking me up. Who knew unrequited love was so common?

Sew well,
Ab x