Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I sewed!

After posting yesterday I put the computer down, I went into the sewing room and I sewed.
It felt great.
This is the little project that I began in June last year. Anna Maria Horner flannels. They are soooo soft.
It is a very simple quilt since the fabric is so busy - it should never have taken me so long to do!
I've pieced all nine rows and just have to sew them together.
Playgroup this afternoon so that might be tomorrow.

As for His Highness...
His first ever meal - pumpkin was the dish of choice.

He doesn't seem overly impressed by this weirdness in his mouth.

But happy as usual.
He made some hilarious faces and I think he managed to swallow a little bit.
The blankets behind him are to push him forward so that he can fit in his highchair. We're all about adapting in order to not let this brace mess with our life too much.

I'm planning on blogging more and therefore there better be a reward for you reading it.
Look out for a GIVEAWAY in September!!!
Abbe ;o)

Monday, August 29, 2011

A little progress

I have done some sewing.
But only a little progress has been made on sorting my UFO's. 
But since it's the guest room and there's been guests and since the winter has been more springlike...
I've spent lots of time walking my boy around the neighbourhood and playing in my plots.
Hello snow peas!

Harvey's sleeps are getting shorter so more awake time means more play time.
It amazes me how much time I can spend tickling, making faces, singing (tunelessly), squeaking toys and general mischiefing with my boy. It's ace!

I can feel the sewing mojo returning. Yippee!!!

That's it, computer down and to the sewing room I go....
Ab x

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We visited Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne last Friday.
The service we received was excellent and the process was simple.
An ultrasound, a confirmed diagnosis of Hip Displasia and a brace fitted.
Our lovely boy has to wear a 'Dennis Browne Bar' brace for six months, maybe less if things improve quickly. There are cuffs on each thigh and a bar that runs under his bum.
The next four weeks he has to wear it 24/7 which no doubt is uncomfortable for him but in general he's fine.
As you can see he still sleeps well, especially after breaky in bed with his biggest fan ;o)

We're off for a walk with a playgroup friend. Another gorgeous sunshiney, winter day that needs to be enjoyed. Fortunately Harvey fits in the pram and car seat with the brace so other than having to support his legs so they don't get uncomfy, all is pretty normal.

Thanks for the love and support bloggy peeps. It's been wonderful.

Might even do some craft at the next time...

Ab x

Ps. Yes in the tip pic I am lolling about in my dressing gown and on the phone. The queen of multitasking!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sh1t, bugger, bum, poo grrrrrrrrrr

My lovely little prince has hit a hiccup in growth proceedings.
Yesterday he was diagnosed with hip displasia after we noticed one leg seemed distinctly longer than the other. Now obviously we will love him no matter how uneven he is but...he's gonna need some fixin'.

We're awaiting a call from the Royal Children's Hospital for our specialist appointment.
Until then he is still the lovely, happy, perfect baby we've always had.

Yep he's got me wrapped around those itty, bitty, slobbery fingers!!!
Ab x

Ps. All apologies for my almost swearing. I promise not to let Harvey read it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sew it begins

The list has begun.
This top is sitting with its backing fabric and binding, all ready to be basted and quilted.
This red and white is for a friend. It was her birthday in late December so the top was given and taken straight back so I could finish it. Must get it done before her next birthday!
This one is STILL on the design wall (floor) but needs to be pieced asap.
This one is slowly being hand quilted. Very slowly.

There is a lot more to add to the list and it will get done.
I love being able to cross things off so hopefully that will help inspire some finishes.

Ab x

Thursday, August 4, 2011

4 Months

I've managed to keep my Harvey Monster alive for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS!
A few hours old
His first bath at home - 5 days old
Six weeks - check out my double chins!
The hospital hearing test/career as a DJ begins ;o)

My big, four month old boy.
Not bad for someone who is making it up as she goes along :o)
Because he's a 'big' boy he has been practising sitting in his high chair. Not that we're up to solids but at least he's at table height when Mr CP and I dine.
My heart hums with love for this little person.
I have had a smooth ride so far, made even easier with the wonderful support of Mr CP. We've also been blessed with a baby who sleeps and eats quite well although he is starting to fight nap times as he knows there's much more fun to be had with his silly mum and dad.
I'm grateful for every day.

Thanks for all the bloggy aunty support over this time.
Harvey gets so many virtual kisses and hugs he's almost squished.
Much love,

Edit: Blogger is being weird re comments - hopefully it's fixed now.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some sewing

Well I did sewing of sorts.
The last few days have been sunny and blue skies so I've taken full advantage and played in our new 'no-dig' veg beds and have sewn some seeds. I can't wait to start harvesting but with late frosts there is not a lot I can plant just yet.
Harvey was of course a big help, directing my horticultural pursuits from his pram.
I've started my list of projects to complete.
Even the incomplete list scares me :o)
I do have some fabulous fabric though....
Ab x

Monday, August 1, 2011


Humph was the word of the day that I decided on this morning. Last week I went in search of some material in my sewing room and a big slap of reality hit me in the face.

I have too many sewing projects.

There I said it.

I don't really believe you can have too much material and for me collecting is part of the obsession hobby. But I have so many 'one day' quilts and good intentions but things just are not getting started let alone finished. Actually I'm not too bad at starting, it's definitely the finishing that is more of the problem. But how many WIP's and/or UFO's are too many?
It's not okay to have a whole tub (which I can't close the lid of due to the contents) of 'Tops to be quilted'.

It's not really okay to have a project on my design wall (floor) for months at a time. 
It's squares, I'm sure I could have it sewn up in one afternoon.....

Nope, not okay to start another masterpiece...

So I am committed.
Committed to finishing.
While he sleeps.

The next few days I will see me sorting through and prioritising. I will be making lists.
I will be getting things done.
Hold me to it. 

Ab x