Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tell me you did NOT start something else!?!?

I had a hankering (pardon the pun) to knit but there was a bit of a problem.
 Other than a bit of purl and plain I don't really know how.
I borrowed a book from the library and thought, stuff it, I'll just try anyway.

These are what I managed to make.
Teeny tiny Mary-Jane style booties.
I'm having a crack at a matching bonnet style hat although that has hit a daunting hurdle that will require much You-tubing to master. At least I have my capable instructor to help.

Or at least I did until he ran off with my retro needle cases and all of my Inherited-from-Nana knitting needles.
I even fed my new addiction (I can class it as an addiction already, I had knitting dreams last night!) with a few balls of the good stuff.... Thank you 30% off at Spotlight!

Back to some patchworky, quilting stuff tomorrow...unless I get caught up on Ravelry.....

Ab x

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Jammies

Another wonderful Mother's Day.
(note the slightly tired eyes...I could have slept longer :o)
Harvey gave me snuggley, flanny pajamas, perfect for my lazy couched MD.
Certain people in this family are somewhat Lego mad.
They are trying to suck me in so I was also given some 'girl' Lego which is pretty cool.
Emma, the Lego girl has long brown hair and works with fabric.
She has a big cutting desk, design board, stash draws and even a ruler.
Just like me :o)

Love it.

Happy Mother's Day ladies.
Ab x

Friday, May 11, 2012

Late night quilting

I started May with another finish.
This quilt is destined for a friends soon to be born bubba girl.
Backed in a very bright pink with white spot. 
I have finally pieced this quilt top.
I'm pondering if it needs a border or two.
I'm thinking a 2 inch border, maybe in aqua with a coordinating print about six inches wide.
Any thoughts?
It's a very busy quilt, but I love it.

My helper... 
Some late night quilting last night. I was having a great time even thought I sewed through my nail (really stupid!) and then ran out of thread. Probably lucky as it was already really late. 

Does anyone have issues with puckering when crossing over quilting lines?
I'm having issues on the front of the quilt so there's no chance of doing any cross-hatching.
I'm strongly considering a new machine but in the meantime it would be great to solve the problem.

I have a 20+ year old Janome Memory Craft 7000.