Friday, July 30, 2010


This is Annabell. She is being a nice cat.

This is Annabell. She is trying not to get yelled at, hiding behind the curtain. Why, you ask?

Meet Annabell, the BLOODIED BRUISER!


I think there is an unrequited love thing going on with Max the big, bad cat next door.
Annabell and I need to sit down and watch 'He's just that not into you' until she gets the message. 

She is now having a sulk in front of the fire. I tried to clean her up but she wouldn't let me. If she tries to sit on one of my quilts or on my bed....grrrr there will be BIG trouble.
In fact it could be dim sim time for her.

I guess I'd better add a sweetener to the deal.
I love this book so I thought it'd be a good thing to share the love.

If nothing else, the pictures are gorgeous. There's heaps of projects that would be great for gifts, including stuff for dads.

No big hoops to jump through, just leave a comment.
Tell me about unrequited love that you have experienced. Have you ever followed someone around, longingly looking at them with love-sick, puppy dog eyes? (Or puddy cat eyes in Annabell's case)

For a second entry, refer someone else to my blog giveaway and comment about it.

I will draw the giveaway on Friday the 6th of August.
Anyone from any country can enter.

Happy sewing.
Ab xx

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Plus one day :o)
I didn't quite get to posting this morning but better late then never.
I'm so shocked that it has been a year of blogging already. It feels like I only started babbling online just a few months ago but a year has zoomed past. There probably hasn't been as much crafting finishes as there should be but there has been lots of fun happiness and a whole bunch of new and wonderful friends.

Of course there will be a giveaway so stay tuned.....

As for my latest run of luck WOOHOO! I won a wonderful software package from the pinkest, orangeyest lady I know. Thanks for the giveaway Cam! It will come in very handy.

Not much craft at all lately - too much 'real' work and a visit from some wonderful friends has kept me distracted from purple wonders and various other pursuits. A crafty sleepover is being planned so I'm excited about what might eventuate with some rather amazing ladies. Will tell when there's more to tell.

Stitch happy,
Ab x

Friday, July 23, 2010


When you live somewhere cold you need to find inside activities.
A 1500 piece puzzle was always going to take a while. Why oh why I decided to use my large cutting mat as the backing board is a question I've been asking myself!

What I didn't know is that Mr CP is a puzzle monster. He got this weird look in his eyes and couldn't seem to walk away...the last two mornings he got up early just for some puzzle time.
The first night I suggested we puzzle he admitted he could happily (and addictively) stay up all night just to do it. Freak.

I shouldn't support an addict but....
This is the next one!
Less pieces but a bit of trick because you don't get the actual picture. You have to figure out what the man at the front can see. This is sure to cause more red eye moments.

As for sewing...this is what I have done for my little Hexalong. I'm liking how it is looking but I need to get my skates on and get more sewing done.
I'm also working on a secret project but that's a secret.....

Sadly I have spending time doing this.
Apparently it's something you are supposed to do. Grrrr I gotta win lotto and get a maid. I'd be nice to her. Or him. Might even make them a quilt. Just as long as they cleaned so I don't have too.

Abs x

Friday, July 16, 2010

So good my eyes rolled back in my head

and I ate three serves!!!

Mr CP made the most amazing savoury tart for dinner last night. He used a Jamie Oliver recipe for the pastry and I think made his own recipe for the filling. It was insanely good. He IS MasterChef!

I also bought this book. I love Anna Maria Horner's fabric ranges and I have a copy of her first book so I decided to get this one too (don't get ideas ladies, there isn't a Little CP on the way....I've just been eating three serves of tart!)

I've ordered some Perle thread from Amitie so awaiting that to arrive in the post so I can complete the Purple Wonder.

Sew well,
Ab x

Monday, July 12, 2010

Good out of Bad

The topic of organ donation is a personal thing and it some ways it's a taboo subject. Western society has a strong fear of death. It's almost as if we think we are jinxing ourselves if we talk about it.
It also means we are squeamish when it comes to talking about donating our organs.
In Australia if you register to donate your organs, your family can veto that decision when the actual time comes.
I have told both my dad and my partner to 'farm em out!' because I can't use them when I'm dead.
Should it happen anytime soon - hold them to it!!!

I'm happy to say that the lives of several people are going to change for the good because my workmate and her family have decided to donate her husbands organs.

Some good can come out of bad.

Thanks for all the bloggy love and kind words.
Ab x 

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Why do shit things happen to good people?

Work rang today to tell me about the husband of a lady at work. A lovely lady with three teenage kids and a husband. A nice, hard working, blue collar country family.

Yesterday her husband had an aneurysm while he was working.
Today she is turning off his life support.

Who do shit things happen to good people?

We all experience death. We all face hardships of one kind or another but's just not fair.

I'm looking forward to hugging Mr CP just a little bit tighter when I get home from work tonight. I'm going to be more conscious of letting people know how much I care for and appreciate them.

I'll start with you bloggers - you rock my socks and the friends I have made through blogging are changing my life for the better. You know who you are. Thanks xx Aunts you are all inspiring!

We are staying in today. Me and the four legged one. Unfortunately I have to venture out later to go to work but I won't be leaving the warmth here until the last minute. One of us has been honouring her God. I am assuming she is thanking him/her for all of the warmth....
And back to the more of the silent, eyes closed 'prayer'.
I'm going to spend the arvo working on this and eating cake.
That should lift my spirits a little.

Take care peeps,
Ab x

Friday, July 9, 2010


No wonder my nose was sooo cold when I woke up!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Experienced Craft Hepburn Style.

Yesterday was the first Daylesford Craft Experience get together. Merrilyn and Zoe organised a fabulous day at the Peppers Resort in Hepburn.
We were all given a goodie bag with heaps of patterns, several of which were designed exclusively for the day. We were also given some fabric, thread and a needle so we could get stuck in with pointers from the designers themselves.

This is a lovely stitchery by Melly of Melly & Me.
This is my attempt below. Still a bit to do but my stitches are becoming more even and consistent.

Ric Rac wonder Jodie showed off how to use her Gocco machine. My god that woman can design! She is just one of those people that is a pleasure to be around. Maybe I see similar naughtiness in her as I have in me.....
My mini quilt postcard went into a basket along with everyone elses and we all chose one to take I home.
I received Michelle's great postcard, which I love. It's going straight to the sewing studio!
Michelle makes amazing dolls. Her 'show and tell' mermaid was freakin cool!!! I should have taken a picture.

I'm looking forward to sewing the Choc-pop quilt over the next week.
I've also made lots of progress with the quilting on the purple wonder. In fact the machine quilting is done, I just need to do some hand quilting. I can't wait for the big reveal.
Abbe x

Friday, July 2, 2010

Trackies, chocolate and a quilt = The Good Life

That's my night tonight. I have the very sloppy trackies on, I have some choccy in the cupboard waiting for munch time and a quilt to be quilted. Not a bad night indeed.

I got home to a very chilly house this afternoon so I got the fire going and headed upstairs to the 'sewing studio' which is also the warmest room in the house. This Chocolate Lollipop, Anna Maria Horner fabric has been stashed for a few years. I finally decided on the right design and spent the whole arvo cutting out. The photo is average but I love how it is turning out. It's so wonderful when a plan comes to fruition.

This is my next installment for the 1st Wed Block Swap. Megan wanted pink hearts on 16.5" calico blocks. I'm happy with how this turned out. I did blanket stitch around the raw edge. Hope she likes it...
And this little baby is the smallest quilt in the world!
Okay, so that might not be true. It is however, the smallest one that I have ever made. I am going to this wonderful event in Hepburn, Victoria tomorrow and we had to stitch something on a fabric postcard. Since I'm a quilter rather than a stitcher, I decided to make a quilt. I actually machine pieced it without using a foundation. I may have said one or two swear words in the process...
I did manage to stitch my name and I think it's readable.

Time for that chocolate and a cuppa.