Monday, October 24, 2011

Luscious Dancing Legs

My little munchkin has done the very best thing he could and has grown!

After nine weeks in the brace for his hip displasia, he has had a reprieve.
He gets the days off to be footloose and fancy free! 
The joint seems tight so he tends to hold his legs (looks like a seagull :o), particularly the left one which is the bung one, up as if he is still wearing the brace. With each day it seems to becoming more loose though.

There is lots of backwards, pre-crawling going on.
We're going to have to batten the hatches and make this place kid friendly soon.

Gosh I love him.
Me x


  1. I am pleased Little Harvey is now brace free. Won't be long and all will be normal.
    Yep you will be putting up barriers everywhere soon. LOL
    Go Harvey!!

  2. Glad to hear he is doing everything right. He is looking super cute too

  3. Great news, it must feel terrific to be able to swing his legs around. Does he still sleep in the brace? Amazing to think he'll never remember all of this.

  4. Wowwee, that's great news, I'm so pleased for him (and for you 2 as well).

  5. Not much to not love by the look of him Abbe, gorgeous boy is doing well with the hips. Good luck childproofing :o) that'll be fun...!

  6. Oh!! I thought we were going to see yours!!! Not at all disappointed with pictures of H thought.