Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shhhhh we're sleeping

We're a little tired tonight so it's couch time with SYTYCD and a block of choccy.
Tomorrow on the other hand will be a post with the most - zillions of wonderful Cobblestones to show off.
Ab x

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Update

The blocks are rolling in...or at least they will be. I can't wait to see them all and then there's the challenge of making them all work together. I know they will.
I must, once again, thank all of you who are contibuting. I have been known to be a bit jaded at times (yes, even in one so young :) but I feel inspired and overwhelmed. You people ROCK!

Marie from Life of the Block has posted these three lovelies.

The super purple Kelly from Purple Paisley Patch has made these gems;

and sweetie B from Bianca Jae Makes Stuff (good stuff too!) has done these wonders.

These are just a few of the pics I've been emailed. This next week is going to give my letter box a full on work out! I cannot wait to see what arrives.

You will all go down as angels of blogland in my book. I'll do a full round up when the blocks come in.

In relation to my friend, the person that this is all about. She is doing well. She has been in the hospital for almost a week and is starting to get her head around things. We had a good conversation on Saturday and her spirit is still there, it's just a little smooshed at the moment. She has been allowed to have her sewing machine so there could actually be some real therapy - sewing has to be one of the best kinds.
I can't wait to hand her the quilt. I'm really hoping to keep it a secret from her until then.

At last count there are more than 30 blocks being made or already on their way to me via snail mail. Yay!


Ps. If I get 'too many' (no such thing) blocks I am thinking I will make a second quilt to be donated to a charity that supports people with, or researches in depression and they can auction it off to raise money. Any thoughts or does anyone have issues with that?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cobblestone Block Tutorial

This is the tutorial of the Cobblestone Block. The response to my request in my last post is overwhelming. I really appreciate you all for jumping at the chance to help me cheer up and support my friend. The blogging community has once again shown me that there are some amazing, inspirational and geuniely friendly people out there. Thank you.

This block is quite simple to create. Use 100% cotton fabric and a co-ordinating thread.
Could all fabrics used please be predominantly purple - lavender, mauve, lilac and all of the purpley colours in between would be great.

1. Cut a 5 1/2  inch square for your centre.

2. Cut two strips 5 1/2 inches long and 3 inches wide.

3. Cut two strips 10 1/2 inches long and 3 inches wide.

4. Sew the two shorter strips to opposite sides of your 5.5 inch square and then press the seams in opposite directions.
6. Sew both longer strips onto your block and press the seams.
The block should measure 10 1/2 inches. 

Two blocks are finished so far.

Thank you again for your assistance.
I am aiming to have the quilt finished within a short space of time so please let me know when your blocks are done and on their way to me.

Happy sewing and muchy patchy, quilty love,
Abbe x

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can I ask a favour...?

I spoke to a very good friend of mine today. She's a quilter and has a similar fabric addiction to mine, although she seems to be able to control hers a little better than I can. Sadly, her reason for calling today was to tell me she needs to go to hospital for a while. She suffers from depression and it seems at the moment it is getting the better of her. I knew she was struggling but I didn't realise just how much. This lady is a loving, caring woman with a great husband and wonderful kids but she can't find a way out of the place she is in.

The favour....I want to make her a quilt. She doesn't have a lap quilt of her own - like many a builder who doesn't work on his own house, she is a quilter that doesn't work on her own quilts, she's always so busy working on other people's as well as charity ones. I was wondering if others in blogland would be willing to make a simple block or two and I will put them together and quilt it so that she can be wrapped in love and support while she works her way through this low.
I know it's a big ask but since bloggers seem to be some of most generous and giving people I have 'met', I thought it was worth a try.

Her favourite colour is purple so I thought a simple block in two co-ordinating purple fabrics would work. Above are the type of colours I am thinking but she likes all purples so a bit of contrast of light and dark would be great (I've realised I don't have much purple in my stash!). Please comment if you are willing to do a block or two and I will get in touch with some more specific instructions. When I say simple I am thinking something like a 5" square with chunky boarders, making a 10" finished block. Maybe like this -

EDIT: I would like to get this quilt quickly so if those that are willing to make block could do so within the next two weeks or so, I'd be very grateful. I will email those that have commented that they will make a block. If you'd prefer not to comment but would like to help please contact me directly via email - abbe dot noble @ bigpond dot com 

For my own WIP, I have cut out all of my little squares but I've decided that need some more. I've ordered one more charm square pack from the US so when that arrives I will start piecing this one. I'm happy with how it is looking though. Not sure of the finished design yet so I will sort a layout once I have those other squares.

On a super happy note....I am a WINNER! I have won TWO giveaways in the last week.
First I received an email from Tara at Waffling On saying that I had won this little beauty. I'll take a pic when she arrives and then.... I won the lovely Ms CurlyPops giveaway! That is a custom made surprise so not pics til whatever it may be arrives.I LOVE surprises (especially good ones :) I can't wait to see both. With all this giveaway love I am thinking I better repay the favour. I'll have to have a bit of a think....

Happy Sewing,
Abbe x

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am a square!

Still binding, only about 40cm to go. In the mean time I just had to have a new start in 2010. I couldn't help myself.

This beautiful range of fabric is called the Sonnet Collection by April Cornell for Moda. I bought two charm packs a few years ago and then picked up some meterage along the way to make a quilt with choclate brown sashing, big floral borders and lots and lots of


There are 90 charm squares that I need to trim and then cut into four. I have cut 84 so far so only...

276 to go!

The quilt design is inspired by one that I saw at Gail B's a long time ago and just knew I had to make something like it. As usual I will try and put my own twist on it.

Cooking up a storm today as I have friends coming for the weekend. We are having a Indian style beef curry which is in the oven slow cooking now, along with a lentil curry, rice and naan bread. My house smells amazing and it's making me hungry!

Back to the kitchen,

Abbe :o)

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Midsummers Dream

I won this lovely pack of fat quarters from Penny at Sew Take a Hike as part of the Flea Market Fancy Freaks giveaway - lots people trying to get Denise Schmidt's lovely fabric line reprinted.. I'm pretty chuffed with the win. Many thanks to Penny.

I made a very necessary purchase from retromummy

I HAD to have some of this flannel. It is soooo cute and although Corrie suggested on her site that it would be great for kids Pj's....I think I'll be making some big kid Pj pants out of it. Check out the sheep, the tail is a ball of wool!!! It's a very light flannel and will be great for mooching in around here as summer heads into autumn in a few months. Too hot tonight though, we're in for a heat wave.

Then I bought a couple of pieces, just because :) and Corrie threw in the bambi fabric - love it!
So now I have some snails, princely frogs and a lovely deer to add to the collection.

Last night Mr CP and I ventured out to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne to see A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Australian Shakespeare Company. It was wonderful. It was funny with a few modern twists and really well acted. I have previously seen Romeo and Juliet and plan on seeing whatever they come up with each year if I can.

Still binding away and pondering the next quilt-to-be.

Happy sewing,
Abbe :o)

Blogger seem to have changed things around and I can't find the spell check. Grrrr. All apologies for any booboos.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How it was and how it will be...

It looks like we partied hard but.........these pics are from 11.50pm on the 31st. I woke my friends Lisa and Sylvia just after taking this pic.

But I left the cat sleeping :o)
It was muggy and stormy and the weather did not encourage us to go out to celebrate the end of 2009 and the start of 2010. Maybe this is an indication of the year to come, quiet nights with friends and days where I take the time to do what need and what I want.
No resolutions for me but a firm decision to get some crafty things finished and of course to start some others. I also want to experiment more with my cooking and use some of the many cookbooks I have collected.
Wishing you all good luck and many happy stitches in 2010,
Abbe :p