Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good enough to sleep on

Last week I had a wonderful visit with my lovely bloggy mate Jules and her Miss Muff.
As you can see she's a damn comfy woman. Sadly there was no room on her lap for me.
Harvey was lucky enough to receive his wonderful quilt that Jules made.
We absolutely love it and are so grateful for all her stitchy effort. If we had a pool room, this would be going straight to it!
(Movie reference: The Castle)
It really is as gorgeous as it looks.

(Photo stolen from the artist herself)

I've been trying to do a little sewing when Harvey sleeps.
He's a bit of a spewer and in the various mop ups I noticed that our couch cushions were in need of replacement. I had some Ikea fabric bought last year when this minx visited so I made two using the 22" innards from Spotty. I won't show you the closures, one Velcro, one zip. I need work in that area!
Today I did a little hand quilting.
This is another WIP. I did a tidy up of the sewing room and now feel guilty about all of my WIP's and Projects-to-be so I am trying to get some Finishes happening.
I only did one block and my finger is already punctured and sore!
Obviously I don't have a 'real' quilters callous yet.

The Harvey Monster has his first cold so now I can add snot to the list of gross things that I encounter on a regular basis with this baby. Lucky I love him! :o)
I've made healthy, healing soup for tea so hopefully he'll get the goodness of that even if it is indirectly.
Ab x

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ah crap, now I'm one of 'those' people

Yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny autumn day so Aunty Jo, Harvey and I went for a walk into town where he got to meet 'aunty' Jodie who was teaching a class - sometimes baby smooches have to come first so class was disrupted. I think the ladies understood.

Today H donned his new jumper that was made by 'aunty' Trash.
It turns out that it's comfy enough to snooze in.....
Whilst doing some sort of random dance pose...? Or is he a budding archer? Target catalogue model?

Not much sewing around here for the last few days but I did venture out to a few PWS in the last week. We had a lovely visit with 'aunty' Mez in her shop. Since it's my go to store it seems right that it was Harvey's first. He didn't buy much but he sure got wonderful, squishy cuddles. Imagine if we all got that at our local patchwork shop... ;o)

I visited another store and enquired about their casual stitching afternoons and this is what has perplexed me because I have become one of 'those' people. At 11.07am on April the 3rd this year, I was a daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend but at 11.08am, I became a mother. I went from being someone who at times had very little patience for screechy kids and all the sticky mess that accompanies them. Don't get me wrong, I liked kids, I'd even been one once but now it's different. Now I have one of my own.

The issue that has bent my mind is that my enquiry about this casual group had me asking if I could bring my baby and the answer was a big, fat NO. I get there are reasons for it, others are trying to get away from their own kids and grandkids. I get it. But it doesn't mean it doesn't piss me off and, well, offend me.
I guess a big part of my issue is it means I can't go and play. It would be perfectly fine with me if it was a class but it's not, it's supposed to be just crafters crafting their own thing so how does a wee baby tucked under the table create a problem?

Maybe it was a shock because it's a huge contrast to the wonderful craft wenches that I meet with once a month. Lovely ladies who couldn't wait to meet my little man and literally embraced him.

Then again, maybe I needed to come to terms with the fact that now I am a mother, my world has changed dramatically and Harvey has to come first and many, many things over the next 20 years and beyond are going to be sacrificed by me, for him. I'm typing this one handed as he's not settling this evening so cuddles is the only way to have some quiet.

Righto, that's off my chest. Time for a feed and wonderful baby smells to remind me of why crafting aint really that important.

Sew well lovelies,
Ab x

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cheesey grins!

                                       More wonderful crafted love from the best kind of Trash.
This natty jumper will come in very handy as the days get colder here.

I have managed a bit of time at the machine. 
I made these two blocks for The 1st Wednesday Block Swap. Sewing curves was a challenge but I think they turned out pretty good.

The Harvey Monster joined me in the sewing room yesterday and he slept, lulled by the sound of the machine...well he would have slept anyway but at least I know it doesn't disturb him.
Six weeks yesterday!

But just when you start thinking that about yourself....
Not that entertaining then :o)

I hope all your crafting is making you smile too.
Ab xx

Monday, May 9, 2011

Warm hearts

That's what this family has.
Harvey has been wonderfully welcomed into the world by family and friends, bloggy mates and their mums! I'm amazed at how much love has been created because of the birth of our little boy. We're so lucky. He's so lucky. It warms my heart...

A wonderful red and white quilt made by Aunty Jude, using fabric that belonged to my grandmother.
A fabulous heirloom for keeps.

A funky Milo top from 'aunt' Kate. Real men wear cable knits!

These amazing Foxy shoes for my dancing boy. Made by 'aunt' Peta who must be a favourite as Harvey chucked on her at least six times at Craft Group :o)

This gorgeous man-cardy made by 'aunt' Helen, mother of the lovely Jules. It's just so sweet!

This lovely quilt made by 'aunt' Tez. Awesome jungle animal fabric to catch his eye.

Aunt Pam made this great floor quilt with fun shapes to keep H entertained.
He's snuggled under the softest snuggle rug made by 'aunt' Maria and
'aunty' Mez gave Harvey the cutest elephant.

Poppie and Grannie gave him his bath. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more :o)

Hello SMILE!
Who knew his dad was soooo hilarious?
Harvey (and Mr CP) thinks so anyway.

Love him.

Thank you all for the kind words and best wishes for the CP family and especially for our little boy.
He's ace.
You're ace.
Life's good!

Ab xx

Monday, May 2, 2011

And so, to sew

Or at least to go into the craft room and shuffle stuff around....

Just as I was warned the days with Harvey are whipping by so fast. We have been busy with lots and lots of visitors (often with baked goods and little blue clothes in hand so of course they are very welcome ;o) as well as the wedding of my best friend. For us it was the more important nuptials on the 29th of April.

The prospect of being a bridesmaid only weeks after getting a Harvey was daunting but a laid back bride (at least about that) meant that it all worked out fairly well. She chose a dress design that was flattering for my deflating, wobbly tummy as well as the other bridesmaid who is 28 weeks pregnant. I'm waiting on some photos as this is the only one I have seen of me so far...

Righto, time to actually step inside the world of craft...I think I might sort through my finished quilt tops and make a list in order to try and create some actual finishes. That is until this fabulous range comes out...

Perfect for my little Mr Fox.
I'm hanging for September when this range comes out!

Ab xx