Monday, April 8, 2013


The Fantastic Mr Fox, also known as Mr CP outdid himself with his cake baking skills.
Humpty Dumpty is a favourite character from Playschool at this house.
And it tasted as good as it looked! 
Yep, my big boy is TWO!
He had a very happy birthday, honing his skills at ripping off wrapping paper, just like he should. 

The Easter Bunny also did her job. Trying to explain that we didn't need to eat all of our chocolate in one go didn't go over all that well but then we distracted him with an egg hunt - there was one at the bottom of my Ugg boot. Not sure I would have eaten it....

And this kid, he's growing like a bean.
A chubby bean....
We spend lots of quality time snuggling together.
I sniff his head and soak up that babyness that I know will disappear all too quickly.
We are having a great time getting to know each other as our family of five. 
Ab x