Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Hankering

I had a hankering for gooey cinnamon scrolls the other day. I guess you could call it a craving. I was definitely determined to make what I wanted. I knew I had seen a recipe on Corrie's blog but couldn't find it so a quick email (and a very quick reply from her - thanks Corrie!) and I was set to get making.

This original recipe comes from the Pioneer Woman blog - this woman has good taste of the knowledgeable taste bud kind. I made a half batch of her scrolls as I am supposed to be emptying the freezer before we move, not filling it. I then halved what I made. The first night I stuck to the original recipe but made a lighter, vanilla icing that oozed and melted into the warm scrolls and a couple of nights later I added sultanas and currants and a little less butter. The first ones were the best!

These really hit the spot and are not hard to make at all - no kneading, just some patience required.

Some crafting is going to happen tonight. I love that anticipation of a bit of a stitch-in.
Ab x

Sunday, November 21, 2010

You may call me...

That's at 20 weeks and I've popped more since then :o)
I'm loving my baby belly.
I say that ignoring the uncomfortable moments which I know will only get worse.

Not much crafting being done although I am doing some quiet hand quilting today while Mr CP sleeps after working last night.

Had a great day at the Australian Quilt Market with Fi yesterday.
It inspired me to get off my butt and get some things finished so I can justify starting more but there's some gardening and house cleaning that must take precedence over any patchy stuff at the moment. The CP's are on the move early next year so the current mansion is on the market.

Back to the quilting....
Ab x

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anyone know?

Pic from Sew This Is My Life blog
Does anyone know what this little chestnut is called? (block in the centre) I love this block and am just wondering if it has an 'official' name. If you click on the pic and zoom in you get a better idea.

Let me know you smarty peeps who know such wonderful things.
Ab x

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can't beat good advice

Some new practical shoes...

A bit of a wander with my ever-so-slightly pronounced tummy...

And then a day at the beach

The winner of my Dirty Thirty giveaway is Quilt Sue from Quilt Times!!! A lovely lady who lives in sunny England (obviously often wears bikinis) who advised as much time as possible in bikinis and high heels before I am past such things (note: she did add a warning that these things maybe shouldn't be done together...I never was one to follow good advice.)

Lets just say that google'ing images of pregnant woman wearing bikini and high heels is rather...enlightening :o)
Go on, do it.

I'll be in touch Sue and you can buy something to delight your heart.

Thanks for all of the birthday abd belly bloggy love. You all rock!
Ab xx