Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fox Hunting

                                                              Outfoxed by Lizzie House
                                                 I think I'll be buying some of this pretty soon.

<>Harvey is a Fox.
By that I don't mean good looking (though of course he is) I mean his surname is Fox.
So I've been hunting foxes.

Fortunately foxes seem to be the new owl.
I purchased the fun Fox Trails by Doohikey Designs. The whole range. I just love, love, love the argyle print!
Purchased here.

This great print is from a range called Anika by Monaluna.
It's on the list to buy.

 This one is by Anda on Spoonflower
There's quite a few choices on Spoonflower but at $11 a fat quarter or $18 per yard I don't think the budget will stretch to many of them.
I was just going to make something out of the Fox Trails range but now there seem to be so many fabrics featuring foxes, I think I might start collecting.
The kid can't have too many quilts, can he?

Do you know of any other foxy fabrics?
Let me know, please!
Abbe x


  1. Never have too many quilts. I'm keeping an eye out for foxy fabric.

  2. Now I love little mister H even more .... he's a fox !

  3. I think you're right about foxes being the new owls , lucky for you !

  4. Love that Fun Fox Tails - he can never have too many quilts! When i went down to stitches and craft (not this year but last, don't think there was one this year)I went to a seminar and they said the new owls were going to be foxes - guess they were right - lucky Mr H.

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  6. Lucky Harvey having a Mum who can make lots of Foxy Quilts.

  7. Have you seen the fox quilt in "Sew La Tea Do" by Pip Lincolne? It's on the front cover. V.Cute.

  8. I'm sorry, I can't help with foxy fabrics, but I really love the ones you found, specially the first one.

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  10. POsted the wrong link above! sorry

    Not fabric but still cute!