Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things and Stuff

Harvey was gifted an amazing handmade hat made by 'aunty' Beccasaurus.
It's made out of vintage Richard Scarry Busytown fabric. It's ace!
Thanks so very much Bec.

A secret squirrel project....soon to be revealed.
A stitchery I'm making for my friends daughters Christening gift. 

Guess who's on the move?
Apparently he's hankering to explore the outside world.
Happy Sewing people,
Ab x


  1. awww, he is such a perfect model for that hat! he would seriously make a paper bag look good! at least it will keep his nearly bald noggin protected- what is is with Anglo babies and not much hair? heehee, he's eyeing off the bike!

  2. Love the hat and I can't wait to see the secret project

  3. How cute is your boy...gosh, he's getting big. Becs hat is great, fits him perfectly. And your secret squirrel project looks intriguing...

  4. Harvey looks great in his new hat. How nice of "Aunty" to make it for him.
    Won't be long and he will be of on that bike.

  5. I think I may have said it before, but isn't he just gorgeous?