Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hats off to you!

Waaaay back in May, Harvey received a wonderful handmade hat from Tanya at Apple and Tangerine.
I was in la la newborn babyland and forgot to post about it. I did send a personal thank you to Tan but I still feel remiss for not blogging it.

Anywho, the hat it slightly too big at the moment but that's just perfect really. He has his Mr Fixit hat from Bec for now and by the new year that'll be too small and his hat from Tan will fit (well planned ladies ;o)

One side with cute Mu Mu fabric that I love with denim.

The other side with funky veggie fabric and denim.

And an extreme closeup just for funzies. 

I could just eat him but I checked and it's against the law.
I'm allowed to nibble though...
Thanks again both Tanya and Bec x
Ab ;o) xx


  1. and it looks SO much nicer on Harvey than on the hairdressing Barbie head! I am glad me and Bec tag teamed hat sizes! I was so bad at hats when my kids were that little- I just seemed to lose alot of them...I wonder where they all went...

  2. Haha, we coordinated that so well Tan! Slack old Abs and her posting, what would she have done if they ended up the same, probably made him wear both of them, of course! A pretty cite model, too.

  3. Great pictures! Harvey has the most amazing eyes! :0)

  4. Thank goodness you are within the law with your baby-nibbling activities.

  5. Its lick, nibble, munch and then kiss here! all legal.
    Lovely hat story. Weve been asked by market goers to make these but I couldnt find a decent pattern when I looked. Im hopeless at google really....
    Happy hat days to you Abbe, x