Friday, September 24, 2010

That's not what I saw in my head.

I had a little plan in my head. I was going to mix randomly pieced blocks with some feature blocks but now I've gone back to it after a few weeks....BLAH! I don't like it.
I've taken out the big, feature blocks and decided this can just be something else.
Ick, it's hurting my eyes. All that wasted cutting and sewing. Damn.

This is going to be more what I want if not what I thought I wanted.
Get it?
Aren't you glad you don't live in my brain?

Ab x

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh yeah, I meant to blog that

A hankering for hot cakes.

 Turned into this.
Then we did a bit of this. We all need mags for inspiration sometimes.
Then I finished this top. About bloody time, I know. It has been sitting in rows for ages. Loving it.
I promise it's much brighter and fab in real life. My camera has a knack for bleaching colour from everything. I'm on the lookout for a big girl camera. Any tips of do's and don't would be greatly appreciated!
And yes I'm still working on the Purple Wonder. Sporadically.

And this is a tease because I am a tease....

Another relaxed day today. I'm being sucked in by the lameness of the midday movie then I'm going to sewing heaven (upstairs where my sewing space is) and gonna play.
Then I'll top of my day with a sewing session with some local ladies. Nice.

Sew well peeps,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Come fly with me!

This months 1st Wednesday Block Swap was a pretty free brief - birdies! I've gone for three simple tweeters (nothing to do with IPhoned people updating the world of their every move) using the material supplied. It kinda makes me want a birdie quilt now....

Very sadly I've just found out my June block was never received :o( I put lots of effort in and Australia Post or some letterbox thief has let me down. Bum!

Edit: It turns out the recipient DOES have my block. Phew! All apologies Aus Post and postal burglars!!!

Mr CP is happily ensconced in the CP household and you'll need a crow bar to get us out because the house is FULL of stuff. Who knew two houses worth of stuff would be hard to fit into one little house?
Although I've sacrificed half the sewing space, I only gave up the boring side where I hung the clothes to dry anyway. It's a little squashy but I'm pretty sure I can still have plenty of sewing fun.

Ab x