Monday, December 20, 2010


It turns out Young CP doesn't have a stocking or sack so I thought I'd better amend that.
I bought a panel at good old Spotlight and added a few touches of my own.
 Now Young CP has his very own Santa Sack to lay out on Christmas Eve.
Lets hope that it doesn't get filled up with reindeer poop like my dad always used to threaten if we weren't well behaved.
I can't have been too bad. I never did get the poop.
I'm sure Dad would say there is still time....

Loving our tree with full decos, prezzies underneath and most importantly the letter to Santa balanced on the branches.

A successful sewing day and now I'm sitting and watching Glee which is definitely a new favourite show. Singing while quilting and binding the Purple Wonder.
This is the life!

Ab x


  1. sounds like fun! love the sack. best wishes for christmas to you and yours Abbe, and we know the best present is yet to come (baby CP!)


  2. How cute that bubba CP is already organised for santa in-utero!

  3. Can't wait to see that purple wonder!!!

  4. I'm with Andi! GO finish that purple wonder!! Oh and very cute sacks. And super lovely tree. Pretty sure I can see a present with my name on it lol!

  5. Great santa Sack. Oh No not poop. Best we all behave. LOL
    Lovely tree with the pressies underneath.
    I am sooooo looking forward to seeing Purple Wonder when it is finished.

  6. We get coal in our stockings here if we don't behave! LOL You're binding the purple wonder? Good thing I'm sitting down or I might faint! LOL Just kidding...I can't wait to see it all finished! :0)

  7. Im a Glee freak too! Who would have guessed?

  8. For a fleeting moment I thought 'the bump' was called 'jack'... 'Oh a boy' I thought!!! ....How're you doing then? my world..not so ace. Have made you a something. We geta potato for every gift that was taken back by sants for each bad deed, behaviour etc.... Love to see you soon. P