Monday, December 20, 2010


It turns out Young CP doesn't have a stocking or sack so I thought I'd better amend that.
I bought a panel at good old Spotlight and added a few touches of my own.
 Now Young CP has his very own Santa Sack to lay out on Christmas Eve.
Lets hope that it doesn't get filled up with reindeer poop like my dad always used to threaten if we weren't well behaved.
I can't have been too bad. I never did get the poop.
I'm sure Dad would say there is still time....

Loving our tree with full decos, prezzies underneath and most importantly the letter to Santa balanced on the branches.

A successful sewing day and now I'm sitting and watching Glee which is definitely a new favourite show. Singing while quilting and binding the Purple Wonder.
This is the life!

Ab x

Friday, December 17, 2010

Green dreams

Green is my favourite colour and due a few purchases and now gifts I think bubs is going to be seeing green.
The wonderful and charming Deb bought this gorgeous green bib for the mini-me.
I love the Pukeko's (New Zealand birdies) running along the bottom. They'll make me smile and think of you every time I wipe up baby's spit Deb :o)

Sticking with the birdie and green thing...Green is very much a family thing - good ole aunt Pam loves it too. I've had this chicken planned for a while and for once one of my impulse creations has come to fruition. The chook is cut out from some fabric (not pieced) and I made the legs out of embroidery thread with buttons for feet.
I hope Pammy likes her pin cushion. It's a belated birthday pressie.

Now I've got a week off before Christmas to visit, sew and shop for last minute gifts and relax.
It should be a fun week.
Hope you're all feeling festive.
Ab x

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Give blood. Do it. If for no other reason than because a crafty minx needs you too.
Who knows, it could be your family member or even you that needs to use blood from the blood bank in your country.

It's easy. It does not take long and best of all there are free cookies, cake and all-you-can-drink cups of tea.
Do it! I know we are all rushed at this time of year but while you sit there you can use your time wisely.
You could do some stitching.
You could write some Christmas cards.
You could write your letter to Santa.

You could save a life.

The perfect gift this Christmas. Aussie residents - Make an appointment 13 14 95.

Righto, hopping down off my soap box now.
Ab x

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mondrian who?

These two blocks are for Sheridan as part of the Around the Block 2 swap.
Mondrian blocks.
They are not like anything I have made before but I quite like them.
It's going to be a fabulously striking quilt when it is all together.
I didn't think too long and hard about placement, I just played and it seems to have worked.

Ice cream time here - my reward.
Ab x

Ps. Chocolate choc chip in case you were wondering.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Luscious Largesse

Each time I think I look like a real pregnant person someone shoots me down.
Normally I wear a uniform for work so being out of uniform I stand out a lot.
I just got asked why I was out of uniform. Again.
 The naughty little smart arse in me (not the baby, the one that's always been there) always wants to give a cheeky answer - I paid my 50 cents/gave my can of food for the poor people so I could wear free dress (something we used to do at high school). I would have thought with this tummy it would be obvious but then again I do know how much people tend to miss details...
24 weeks
No, it wasn't Wednesday when I took the pics but it was just prior to bedtime so I wasn't going to rush off and put a bra on before bed. So Kate, enjoy! ;o)

Some more stitchery has happened but it's for gifts so no showing yet and half a block for the Around the Block swap I am in before I ran out of steam.

Hope you're all sewing well.
Ab x

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A bit of pre Christmas cheer

Monday night was dinner with the sewing girls at a nice restaurant in Daylesford.
This is the stitchery I made for my KK gift.
And this is what I made!
I filled it with chocolates because a stocking must have something in it.
The stitchery is from Gail Pan and I'm looking forward to making the whole Busy Little Elves quilt one day soon.
I received a lovely prezzie which I'll blog as soon as I've taken some pics.

 This green number is for one of the ladies in the 1st Wednesday Block Swap. Crazy patchwork was the request and hopefully it's crazy enough. The heart has some green ribbon that came with the fabrics. I think this will be a very pretty quilt when it's all pieced together.

Today was supposed to be the annual jaunt to some patchwork shops with the aunts but with the wild weather we decided to postpone it. I'm hoping to get some more swap blocks done but I woke up with a really sore back so maybe more couch time instead.

Maybe I can get a little stitching done.... ;o)
Ab x

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maybe not the intended use

When Bianca Jae made this mini quilt for me I don't think she envisaged it being a cat mat.
A.B likes to watch me sew. She often makes several attempts to get on my lap but when I have got up to cut or iron one too many times she takes up a position elsewhere. She is sitting on the table behind my machine here and just after this pic she curled up for a nice little nap.
Lucky bugger.

I have been stitching and sewing each night while Mr CP is away for a few days. It's nice to get lost in the threads without feeling like I'm neglecting anyone or missing imperative cuddles.

So far I have managed a block for a swap that was quite late after I mixed the material up with that of another swap. I've finished a gift for my sewing groups KK. That involved some stitchery which I am still very new to - a really pretty Gail Pan elf design. Tomorrow night I'll try and get a block or two of my Around the Block swap done. It's a sewing mission this week.

Lucky I've got someone to watch over me....

Ab x