Friday, May 28, 2010

I've been healed!

The soup did it!

I also made yummy bread in the bread maker. Yes, I know white isn't as healthy but sometimes you can't beat white bread with lots of butter!

The best medicine of all...

To top things off Mr CP came over the other night and made me lasagna. It's what I requested but what I didn't know was that he'd never made it before. He did a great job and even made the PASTA FROM SCRATCH!!!!!!!!!

Feeling pretty good so I'll be back to normal programing very soon.
Looking forward to a bit of Friday night sewing tonight. I'm working on something special but can't show just yet.

Sew well Lovelies.
Ab x

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Not the boring mending, the getting better mending. I've still be under the weather (and the weather hasn't seemed pretty) but I managed some machine time. I made two blocks for the 1st Wed Block Swap.
Alex wanted Drunkards Path blocks and she wanted BRIGHT!

I love how they've turned out. Alex gave us a lot of freedom in regard to technique so I did raw edge applique, adding some of my own bright fabric.

I've still been relying on the fire (my only form of heating) which also means lugging lots of this around.
The novelty wears off quick smart but it does make you appreciate the resources it takes to get warm.

I decided it was time to lay out my flower blocks and see how they actually look all together. I've been making these for a few that I think about it, I've been making them for at least four years!
I'm pretty happy with the overall look. At least another row or three to go.
I guess there won't be a finish any time soon...

Thanks for all of the lovely 'get well' messages.
I'm making soup today for an extra health boost. 

Happy sewing,
Ab x

Friday, May 21, 2010


I has succumbed to the wintry germ fest.
I'm couch-bound with tissues, cold and flu tabs and some medicinal jelly beans.
Okay, so I've eaten most of the jelly beans...

I have managed to make another two 1930's flower blocks while on the couch. I have made 20 blocks so far but I'm not sure exactly what they will become so I'll keep making. It's a good hand pieced project to take anywhere.

Guess who's got pole position in front of the fire?
It's a tough life :o)

Abbe x

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All sewn up

This Sew It Together jaunt seems to have caused many a blog post title pun so I thought I'd join in.

It was such a fantastic weekend!!! I don't want to bang on about it too much but it needs to be said that a group of women with craft in common creates a wonderful environment of giggles, squeals, snorty-laughter as well as an ooddle of creative genius. A huge thank you to Sheridan for organising such a great event.

Ink and Spindle working their magic. Amazing!                                                                                 

Renae and Lisa crafting hard.

Fi and B looking busy and important.

Jules and some chick with a double chin...must have been the
cupcake breaky!

                B and me. Quite a bit of weekend was fuzzy like this :o)

I'm loving the bond that blogland creates.
I now have a whole lot of new lovelies in my life. People I'm proud to call friends.
Thanks for the fun and games ladies.

Ab x

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I bought it!

Yep, I bought it.
It settled today and fortunately the dream I had where the old owner wouldn't leave...did not come true.
I may have even done a little skippy dance around my new lounge.

And I definitely did one around the kitchen. Yes, that's a DOUBLE oven!!! Ahhh...
Buying this property is step Number Two (Number One was 'stop talking and do' which had to be combined with 'stop being a big-fat-scaredy-cat!') in changing my career or at least expanding my horizons to include craft as an earner as well as a passion.

And this is what happens when your boyfriend takes the photos of you putting the SOLD sticker on.
Yep, that's my butt.

Very, very excited about Sew It Together which is only TWO SLEEPS away.
See some of you there and I'll share with the rest of you after the weekend.

Abbe x

Friday, May 7, 2010

Warm fires and luscious smells

So it's cold. Not super 'I think my bones are going to snap' cold but cold enough.
Give it a month or so and it'll be that cold!
The fire is being lit most afternoons so I'm back to the routine of lugging wood and wishing I lived in a house with decent insulation and instant heat.

Having said that I recently came home to these lovelies to enjoy...just because.
Yep, that man is a keeper!

This tea pot and the tea came from my friend Lisa. My Christmas present that she kept forgetting to bring when we were meeting up. I love it. Perfect for real tea. I absolutely love the colours on the pot.
and I'm totally going to use the tea tin which has three compartments. Perfect some sewing notions.
Visit my friend Michelle for her latest tea purchases.

I made it for Mr CP but then I thought it wasn't going to be big enough so I got discouraged and didn't give it to him for Christmas like I'd planned.

Then he read some old blog posts.
Then he asked where his laptop bag was....
and it fits!
Apparently gifts come to those who ask :o)

And Amy and I have still been bonding. I added some love and the extra contrast made this sing rather than the humming from before. Love it!
I just got an email about 20% off Amy Butler Midwest Modern and I dare?

Sew well Lovelies,
Abbe x

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sometimes I feel guilty

....and sometimes I don't. I am totally obsessed with patchwork. I think about fabric, sewing, blogs and pretty much anything even remotely relevant to craft...all the time. I get annoyed at my 'real' job because it's wasting my sewing hours. Yep, I'm addicted. I've realised that not everyone that has a hobby that they are quite so enveloped by. Weirdos :o)

Who knew my first little baby quilt would lead to life changing events? My aunt Pam invited me to her sewing group (with the other aunts) over eight years ago and in the note she sent, she warned me, 'Careful, it's addictive!' If only I'd listened.... I've recently made a big purchase and have a lot of organising to do over the next year but the plan is to eventually have a new, very patchy 'real' job and use the current one to pay for the fabric stash! A girls gotta dream.

No sewing for a few days because of the real job and no camera cord to add any photos of my recent fun and games. Mr CP came with me to AQC. Yes, that's right, it says he CAME WITH ME! And it was voluntary. He's very interested in the process of quilt making although I have explained that he can't make a quilt until he grows some facial hair - I've noticed a lot of man-quilters tend to have some sort of odd facial growth. We rounded out our day with a trip to the movies (saw 'Beneath HIll 60' -an Aussie war movie that I can recommend. Not too gory and a story well told) and the out for dinner at a funky little restaurant on Hardware Lane in Melbourne.

Back to reading blogs, thinking about sewing, considering my stash and pondering other fabric that I want need to make my life complete.

It seems all Annabell needs is a cardboard box to make her life complete.
                                                                           Abbe x