Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New digs

The Copper Patch crew have moved!
We're about half an hour closer to Melbourne and have gone from charming but poorly insulated cottage to this modern, five star energy rated house.
There are boxes everywhere although the unpacking is going fairly well. However the 'sewing room/spare room' is sadly the dumping ground. It's going to take a whole lot of sorting out and I am under very strict orders from the Mister that I am NOT to move any boxes due to my 'delicate' * condition.... Easy for him to say, I want to pat my fabric stash and remind it that it is still loved.

I will be mostly off email and off line until the phone and internet is connected - it should only be a week or so at the most but it's Telstra so who knows....

In the meantime, happy crafting peeps. See ya when the moving madness has calmed down and the unpacking is unpacked.

Ab xx

* An extra ten kilos and the ever more pronounced waddle sure doesn't look that delicate ;o)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A stitch in time...and on the couch

Gratuitous tummy shots at the end of the post for those that can't resist my naked belly!

I blame Terry - she pretended to be nice but really she is just one of those bloggers that 'innocently' blog their next challenge and somehow....she sucks you in!
I have decided to try my hand at a this lovely (well I assume it is, each month is a mystery) stitchery quilt. I'm not sure who it is going to be for but I figure it's a good project to have that I can keep by the couch and do between packing boxes and moving house.

By Little Miss Shabby
I just couldn't resist the birdies.
It already has me out of my comfort zone - I just tried my first ever French Knot. I did a few after watching some You Tube tutorials and I think I might have mastered them. I'm doing my blocks in 1930's coloured thread and with 1930's sashing of pieced one inch squares. It should look pretty cool. I had fun at Spotty buying random, lovely colours of DMC and I sense that I could get addicted to buying it... Another bloomin addiction!
I have started trying to organise some of this mess that I inherited from my mum. I wish I'd kept all her fabric and bits and pieces but when I moved out of home but back then I was just a wannabe crafter...
I'm sure she'd be happy that I am finally putting her threads to use. She tried hard with her crafting, in fact she tried almost anything but I guess that was her generation (evidenced by the amount of Tupperware we owned!) Mum died when I was 17 after being sick for a long time. I wish I could show her what I have done with my patchwork. I think it is something she would have loved to have done more of if she's had the chance.
Oh well, I'll just have to do 'enough' for both of us ;o)
Ab x

28 weeks and 2 days of tummy time.
Ahhh my best trackies! I treat you readers to my best wardrobe :o)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Mojo

I wouldn't be the first to say that I can't believe it is 2011 already. Where the heck is time going? The months have zoomed by. Maybe it happened when I started counting my time in weeks, scans and how tight my pants had become.

2011 seems to have brought sewing mojo that I am enjoying. I have one more block to quilt on the Purple Wonder - to be attended to straight after I finish this post. A label and it's done. Phew!
The owner to be has just settled on her new house and it is going to look great draped over the couch in her lounge or on the pretty brass bed she bought to celebrate her new surroundings.
I have also started a red and white quilt. Once again I pondered making a Disappearing Nine Patch but I was so taken with the simplicity of the 6.5" blocks that I've decided to save the DNP for another project to be.

No resolutions for me in the new year. My only plans are to write a list of things I want to make along with a list of projects that I want to complete. Other than that we have to pack and move house, unpack, bring a baby into the world and.....bugger it, that's all that needs to go on the list for 2011.

Happy New Year Sewing Lovelies - It's going to be great!

26 weeks and 3 days

Sideways tummy - still looks big :o)
Abbe xx