Monday, August 27, 2012

Soooo..... where have you been?

I'm submerged in wedding-ness at the moment.
W-Day is approaching fast and the list is looooooong.
I'm so glad for the internet and my unfussy ideas/willingness to compromise/denial.

One day I'll sew again. One day.
Ab x

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Things have been a bit NQR (not quite right) at the Copper Patch pad. 
Poor Harvey Monster has been growing some molars. They'll be great for eating other monsters but not so fun for us as his ability to self-settle goes out the window and mum and dad hugs are the only medicine that really works at 3am. That and a truck load of Panadol!
To add to his misery he also had a horrible snotty cold so all hugs left a distinctive snail trail....

I've been under the weather too which has left me exhausted and unable to craft at all. 
Even reading has seemed too hard and that means I must be sick because I am a true bookworm!!

The saddest part of my lack of craft is that I have been unable to properly welcome my new baby....

I finally got a 'new' machine.
I had an eBay win with this one year old Janome 6600.
I'm really hanging to give her a proper spin and get to know her and as soon as I have the energy I will.
In the meantime she makes my sewing table look nice :o)

I haven't checked in with blogland much so I hope everyone is well and crafting happily.
Ab x

Thursday, August 2, 2012

And the Winner Is......

Nic from Yardage Design!!!!

I tried to copy the Random Number Generator but I couldn't get it to upload in the pics for some reason.

Anyway, Nic is the lucky winner of a whole weekend at The Retreat,
a prize valued at $950!!!!

Congratulations Nic and thank you to everyone who blogged about the GIVEAWAY and about The Retreat.
Thank you for entering.

Abbe xx