Friday, June 25, 2010

A lucky duck

Just a quick post to say thanks to two lovely ladies and show off to the rest of you ;o)

The lovely Rachel at Tea with Lucy gifted me with this gorgeous brooch.
The crazy woman just gave birth yet still had time to draw a giveaway winner and get to the Post Office.
I think that's what is called a truly dedicated crafty blogger!

And these wonders are from the famous (or is that work computer won't let her blog through the automatic auditor - she must be naughty!!!) Kate of Two Little Banshees.
I won THREE patterns and a great layer cake of 'Happy Campers' fabric. I can't wait to get into it and use one of the patterns.
I do feel like a very lucky crafting chick. I love that people have giveaways.
I will aim for one on my 100th post which is slowly getting there.

Ab x

Note: All three pics lovingly taken from Rachel and Kate's blogs due to a crap camera and poo weather.

Ps. Thanks to the new ducks in the row. My 59 issue has been fixed!


  1. oooh lucky girl. Rachel sent me the other brooch, isn't it wonderful, as she is for being soo well organised just after giving birth.

    happy weekend Ab

  2. Wahoo, nice goodies Ab. You did well with that haul-lol.
    Watch out you don't pin the brooch onto yourself on a Wednesday!!
    hugs Deb

  3. I think there's a legal type word commonly used to describe what you did in seeking out new followers....Nice one though it worked! What's with the mega loot winnings? A very lucky duck indeed you is. P

  4. Hooray for all your goodies!
    Hooray for all your new followers!
    Have a great weekend and hopefully I'll see you soon. X

  5. Oh, aren't you a lucky duck? It's so much fun getting goodies in the mail isn't it? Enjoy your loot xo

  6. you are lucky, love your gifts, they will keep you busy ... making all those lovely quilts
    cheers Linda

  7. You are a lucky chick indeed. Are they patterns for the layered cake?? I bought one of them two years ago and it is still in the package as I am not sure what to make out of them.
    Yes great you are over the 59ers I am too. LOL

  8. Lucky girl with such goodies. Love the flower.
    Blog hopping at work Ab. mmm By the way does the auditor let mine through?

  9. Woww, lucky you indeed. Well done on your winnings and on selving 59!

  10. Nice goodies for you, you are a lucky duck indeed. I hope you enjoy them all.

  11. I love happy camper! Nice haul!

  12. lucky you!! nice scores! xo m.