Saturday, June 5, 2010

Death and taxes

A three legged ladybug who spends her days as a money box. As if!

Meet Miss Ladybug, a friend of mine for some years now and a useful friend indeed. Some time ago she was in an accident and lost a leg but she didn't let an injury hold her back. No, she spent her days and nights hiding in plain sight, fulfilling her destiny.
Although she is a lady, she does like money so we made a deal. She stands up tall, as best she can and takes my money and holds onto it until that rainy day comes.
We were saving for a new sewing machine, depositing coins in her rounded back whenever I spent real money. I have even been known to 'break' a note just to have some extra coins to add.

And then disaster struck. No not him, thank goodness. It's worse.

To be continued....


  1. Worse!!!!!! How could it be worse? I'm still sifting five days on!!!!

  2. poor julie still sifting........I wonder if coins went somewhere else they shouldn't have?

  3. Oh Abbe you mean to say I have to wait a whole day to read the rest of this story :(