Sunday, June 6, 2010


She fell off the couch when I was taking her picture.

Death has come to the Copper Patch household.

But at least I can pay my taxes!!!

Actually the purpose of saving has changed. Yes, I'd love a new machine at some stage but after a conversation with Mr CP about a visit to Disneyland (all for Little Mr CP of course, nothing to do with me just being a big kid...) I made the call that if I'm going all the way to the States,

I'm going to Houston too!!!

Meet my new saving receptacle :o)

Has anyone been to Houston International Quilt Fair?
Has anyone been on a quilting tour? (anywhere, not just the states)
Any recommendations?
Anyone care to donate so I can afford the excess baggage fees on the way back?

Feedback peeps, I need feedback!


  1. Poor money box. I think you need one of those tin ones you can get at the $2 shop. That won't break and you can put in heaps for your trip to Houston.
    No I have never been on a quilt tour anywhere so is there room in your suitcase for little me?? PLEASE

  2. Good For You...what a Wonderful Trip to Plan...Yes I Agree a Large Tin would be Great...

  3. I can recommend an extra large suitcase (to put me in so I can come too!!!)

  4. Poor Miss Bug but I am sure she is thinking she was sacrificed for a greater thing. I have heard of people going on the quilt tours and they always rave about them, lucky devils. Get in contact with some of the Quilting shops or contact some of the Quilting Magazines. How exciting to have something like that to look forward to. I would love to be able to do the Amish Country tour, that would be amazing. MayBe I need to get myself a savings pig.
    hug Deb

  5. Oh no! Poor little bug. I think the money placky bag is hilarious. see ya tomorrow. Yay! X

  6. I've nothing more to add than offer to carry said excess baggage. But I'll watch the responses and suggestions. You never know when I might need them!

  7. I've been to Houston once, it was fab, fab, fab!! I didn't bother with a tour, just booked a flight and hotel, the Residence Inn Houston Downtown 904 Dallas Street, Houston, Texas 77002 - just a 10 minute walk from the convention centre and not too expensive when we were there. We had a 2 bedroom suite which 4 of us shared. The show's enormous, there are loads of workshops and there are also day trips in the days before the show itself opens which are very good. There's also the space centre which I didn't get to visit, I'm going to have to go back to Houston again :o). Have fun planning!

  8. i would love for you to join me on one of my tours, and we are going to the amish country!

    it would be my pleasure to make sure you and your friends had the time of your life on one of our quilting tours!

    jim west
    see some of our trips in tour free online magazine. the summer issue just came out!

  9. Sorry about the money box but a big yah for usa. Sounds great! ans yes I am very impressed with your points!

  10. Poor Miss LadyBird.

    I have been on a couple of quilt tours in the US, one to the Amish area which was great and one to New England in the Fall which was fabby. I would thoroughly recommend the tour company I went with on both occasions. All I had to do was book a flight from the UK to the starting point.

  11. Oh how fabulous - lucky you.
    Pack a bag filled with only bags I say - that way you will be able to get all your new treasure home!
    RIP little bug!