Friday, June 4, 2010

Check out my points!

This is another block for the 1st Wednesday Block Swap. 
Meet an 'Indian hatchet'
made for Monika of Miss Monny Quilts
Getting the points accurate was a challenge but I think I did okay. I absolutely love the fabric that she chose. I was just a little scared I was going to bugger it up. It's going to be a lovely quilt.

This is a little bag I made. I bought the fabric from Merrilyn and I just made the design up as I went along. The first attempt was wonky to say the least. I've fixed the problem and am now waiting for the instruction on how to affix the press stud button thingy. I just need to find and instructor. 'Vino-Stitch' ladies get your thinking caps on...

Today's bite of reality...
This is my stash. Well some of it at least. Note the labelled boxes and then note the fabric spilling out here, there and everywhere!
There's more in other spots but that's enough reality for now.

Sew well Lovelies, I'm off to stir my pumpkin risotto.
Ab x


  1. I'm looking and looking and I can't see a bra in any of the shots.
    What's going on mIss Abbe? X
    ps. nice pointers.

  2. Those points are awesomely pointy

  3. Have to agree , your points are really great.

    AH ha!! What a stash. Lucky you have the room for it.

    She must have the bras on??

  4. Your points look great! Wish mine came out that good! Your poor fabric tubs must be sick...they threw up all over the floor! LOL

  5. Hahahahaha. When I read the title I thought you going to show us what was happening after you left those bras lying around.

  6. Great Design in these Blocks...Great Points by the way...

  7. Can I come and play in your stash? I will bring my go cutter...

  8. I love the block you made. The points are brilliant. I'd love to see more detail of your bag too.

  9. Oh I get it...The bra is in the bag?