Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hallaluja, there's been progress

I got started on one of the baby quilts yesterday. I'm doing some wonky stars in some very girly fabrics. I'll get back to that this afternoon...thank the gods for nap time!
The other night, on a whim, I decided to try my hand at some free-motion quilting. I did a class here a couple of years ago and liked stippling but I couldn't get the tension right on the machine - looked good on the front of my practice piece but it was a knotted shambles on the back. The same thing was happening again so I
decided to do a funny thing and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS....
Absolutely amazing what you can learn.

Anywho, a quick stippled whiz about on my practice quilt sandwich and I grabbed the Cowboy quilt top, some batting and backing and spray basted it. I then hand to do motherly duties, all the while excited about getting stuck into the machine quilting.

Finally, it was bedtime for the monster and I could have a go and....

It took about an hour.
It's far from perfect but I love it.
As soon as I was finished I was feverishly looking around for another quilt to throw on the machine.
I came to my sense and had a calming chocolate milkshake instead.

In the meantime I have machine appliqued the 'On the Move' blocks and basted the 'Faves' Amy Butler quilt. I'm trying to find the right thread colour to match the striking pink backing but have been thwarted by closed quilt shops so far. I have been making great progress with the WIP's and still feel really enthusiastic about getting things finished.

And this guy. Shucks, I just love him.

Even though he's turned into a vampire.... 
Check out those fangs!!!! 
It looks hilarious.

Nearly nap time...I'm heading for the sewing room while Mr Fox deals with Master Fox.
Ab x


  1. You sure have sewn and quilted up a storm during nap time.
    Your stippling looks great.
    LOL Harvey's fangs reminds me of my DD2. Her teeth also cross cut and they do look funny. Love him XXXX

  2. Well Done Abbe! Let me know when you have it bound and ready to go so I can give your a ticket into the prize!

  3. Lovely quilting! Well done you.

  4. Well done on your quilting! How cute that he has a tooth coming through on both sides at once! Dracula lives! LOL

  5. Ooh a little vampire fox-love it! You'll have all those quilts done in no time.

  6. Cowboy quilts must be very "du jour" - I've got one on the go but not sure I am up for the free motion quilting.