Monday, January 30, 2012

A Day of Delights

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of hosting a reunion of sorts. A group of lovely ladies and I got together a couple of years ago and much fun was had. It was long overdue for us to do it again.

Julie, the queen of Narioka and all things quilty, shirring (whirring) and gorgeous dresses.
Kate, the doyen of crochet at Foxs Lane and master of all crafts, including quilting these days.
Bianca, who is the maker of Stuff and the Swooney extroidinaire and frazzled energy.
Fi, so Dear to me, super sewist who managed TWO quilt tops in a day and half - amazing.
Peta, can be found wandering amoung Pippiwillows she's a quilter-to-be and extremely tallented in the world of felting. Who needs elfin stitches when you can make shoes?!?!
Faith, not a blogger and new to quilting but grabbing it by both hands and getting her sew on!
Jodie, Sadly couldnt make it due to needing new dentures (that right Jod...? ;o) Next time...

Due to being hostess with the mostess, I failed at taking photos on the day so lets see what I can 'steal' when I visit their blogs....

The best bet is to head on over to Julie's blog at and see her lovely pics.

Including many other topics, we had a bit of a discussion regarding crockery. The general consensus was that fine china for ones cup of tea is the best way to go. I had to blow the cobwebs out of this dainty little pretty but it does seem to make things taste nicer...

Even Mr CP agreed.

Time for a walk.
Have a great day.
Ab x


  1. Was such a fab day.
    Even if all I managed to do was crochet a long string and firghten your poor son.
    Thank you so much Abs for hosting.
    Let's play again soon. xx

  2. How nice to spend time with a great bunch of bloggy friends. Will pop over for a visit to Julie's

  3. Do you know I am not even vaguely jealous? No, really. Impressed aren't you?

  4. Hi there

    Glad you had a great time - sounds like you all had fun.

    You guys are so organised!!! I seem to be running backwards at the moment