Friday, April 23, 2010

Amy Butler is taking over my life!

Over dramatic? Nahhhh..... She's everywhere!

I cut some extra squares when I was making this last quilt so today I decided to cut a few more. There's about four different Amy Butler ranges mixed together.

These were some of the older ranges that I didn't want to cut up. They'll get some chunky sashing and borders. I'm going to end up with quite a few AB quilts at this rate. I love the green floral, middle row, second from the bottom. I wish I had more!

I still have lots of decent sized scraps so I don't think I'm Butler'd out just yet

I would have got some actual sewing done but my extremely exspensive and high quality iron decided to die...okay so it cost ten bucks from Kmart several years ago...still frustrating when it interrupts the creative flow. I guess I'm going iron shopping in the next few days. Does anyone have a brand and model that they can recommend?

Ab x


  1. What eye-candy, Ab! I think I could find it hard to stop, too!
    I had to get a new iron a few months back and just redeemed some supermarket reward-points. To my delight my new iron' s heaviness has made my seams so much flatter and crispier. Who knew weight could be an advantage!

  2. i love my iron, it is a black and decker and meant to look like an old fashioned one..all metal and really heavy. the AB on the floor is is the purple quilt going?

  3. Lovely AB quilts.Such great soft colours.

    My new iron is a Phillips GC 2560. I love it as it switches off when not in use and does NOT beep at you, when ready you just start ironing again.

  4. Love the AB creation. My iron.....a Sunbean Ultra Platinum 65. Turns itself off if you forget and leave it on too long. Great peace of mind.

  5. Wow, does Amy Butler ever disappoint?? You can mix Gypsy Caravan with Fresh Modern II & it all works, her palate is divine. Lovley work, happy quilting, love Posie

  6. Hi Abbe, it was great to meet you at craft group too the other week. When I see your Amy Butler collection, I see what I could turn into if I gave into my impulses! i have one quilt with mostly Amy Butler fabrics, as well as a blind on one of my windows and a couple of tops. I have to restrain myself!

  7. Amy Butler does make beautiful fabric. Hard not to buy it and it makes wonderful quilts. Enjoy!