Monday, January 2, 2012

It's time I exposed myself

Don't be rude, I'm showing my WIP's not my arse!

I am challenging myself to get all of the following projects finished.
Last year was supposed to be the year of finish but then I had the best kind of start (Master Harvey) instead so I was completely and utterly distracted.

So I invite you to look at the inner workings of this very distracted sewist....

My favourite Amy Butler fabrics quilt. It's possibly to be long arm quilted, possibly to be machine quilted by me...Anyway, the backing AND binding fabrics are sitting with it so it's semi organised.

Another Amy Butler quilt (there's three, I was obsessed ;o)
Also has backing ready to go. I will get this long armed.

'On the Move' cot quilt. I finally stuck the appliques on the other day, I need to raw-edge applique them and of course piece this one. It too has the binding and backing fabrics sitting with it. There are at least six babies that I need to create for this year (not including making a quilt for my own...the one that is yanking on the laptop right now. I guess I'm finishing this post later)

Several hours and a bedtime later....
Un-named red and white quilt for my friend Lisa. Already gifted and then taken straight back so that I could quilt it. Anyone noticing a theme?

The final Amy Butler, also un-named (I always name my quilts, usually with a pun) and unquilted. I'm planning to hand quilt this with Perle thread. I'd love to have this finished and being used this year.

This green and white number is the toile quilt. Um it's been a finished top for a very long time. Dare I say at least five years. Oops. To be long arm quilted when I find a backing. I'm considering scalloping the border so I think that's held back the finishing.

'Cowboys' is another top that 's been languishing in the 'Tops to be Quilted' container. I really wished I'd bought bolts of the red with white spot - it's the scrummiest colour. This will be for one of those many babies. I'm banking on a few boys at least.

This is 'Chocolate Lollipop' in the Walk the Line pattern by Sarah Fielke (I think. It was in Australian Better Homes and Gardens some time ago). Must piece it.

'Birdie Stitches' was a stitch-along on the LMS blog. I ran out of steam but plan on using the blocks for a girl baby quilt.

The 'Rainbow Connection' is a zig zag quilt. I think it's going to be for our bed...who knows? Much piecing to be done.

A table runner that I practiced hand quilting on. It has needed binding for quite some time and it'll give me an easy finish.

Another one for a baby-to-be. Simple but very cute panel. I'll machine quilt it.

Oooh look another panel. As above.

Some scrummy, girly fun fabrics for girl baby-to-be (the only one I know what the sex is...because her mum accidentally told me - oops!) probably a simple star pattern.

I'm hoping to start (and finish) this stitchery, well the whole quilt actually, with my favourite wenches B and Jules.

Finally Swoony. I've never made a quilt for my one true love and it's really about time that I did. His favourite colour is blue and mine is green so I'm hoping to make it a perfect fit for both of us.  

So that's me exposed.
Eleven, yes ELEVEN tops to be pieced and/or quilted.
Five quilts to be started and, also at least a few other for the remaining babies.
Eeeek that probably means TWENTY QUILTS to complete.

Oh well, I'll be a super sewist (my new word) in 2012.
Wishing you all good luck and productivity with all that you begin this year.
Abbe :o)

Ps. I am linking into the 12 WIP's in 2012 created by AJ. A bit of extra motivation for me.


  1. I hope you enjoy quilting! Looking forward to seeing them finished. I've still got my Around the block x 3 to do and the kids keep reminding me. Hope Harvey lets you make a good start.

  2. OMGoodnes !!! You sure have got a lot of quilting to do. Also a few baby quilts but least they are nice and quick.
    Have fun and enjoy the stitching.

  3. That is the longest scroll I have visited for a while, (rivaling my long-pictured posts)!
    Compelling stuff this exposing of oneself.
    I began some new quilting last night but the thing is its for selling at market so I have a great excuse for finishing it quickly.
    Just went to peek in the cupboard and I have two tops completed and the Mr is halfway through his two so not as bad as I thought but they still dont make for finished quilts, do they?
    So as far as im concerned you are way ahead cos you have 11, dare I say, almost done.
    Happy quilting year to you, Abbe.

  4. I thought you might be exposing yourself a bit higher up! LOL You've got some lovely quilt tops to finish up! It ought to be a good year for you! :0)

  5. Good on you Abbe, nothing like getting it all out there ?!)- you've got loads of beautiful projects to keep you going- I bet some of them wont take long to finish. Have fun- Happy New Year.

  6. So you're not planning to sleep much this year? Or are you thinking of getting Harvey involved - he could run the sewing machine while you are cutting/binding/etc.