Sunday, January 3, 2010

How it was and how it will be...

It looks like we partied hard but.........these pics are from 11.50pm on the 31st. I woke my friends Lisa and Sylvia just after taking this pic.

But I left the cat sleeping :o)
It was muggy and stormy and the weather did not encourage us to go out to celebrate the end of 2009 and the start of 2010. Maybe this is an indication of the year to come, quiet nights with friends and days where I take the time to do what need and what I want.
No resolutions for me but a firm decision to get some crafty things finished and of course to start some others. I also want to experiment more with my cooking and use some of the many cookbooks I have collected.
Wishing you all good luck and many happy stitches in 2010,
Abbe :p


  1. Well they are party animals. lol Have a fantastic 2010 and lot of stitching.

  2. Looks like a top NYE, my kind of party! Like your cushions too and glad you didn't wake the cat. :0)

  3. we have gone to sleep and woken up just for midnight many new years eve's!!! love the pictures

  4. That would not be a bad way to spend 2010, quiet nights with friends cooking and doing crafty things.YAH!

  5. 0h that is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say I lasted till 11 and thought that wasn't too bad!!!!!


  6. Those friends are so going to love you for the photos!

    Happy New Year.

  7. Happy New Year , yay for more crafting !

  8. Oh that looks like our house, but after the very messy new year lol! Happy new year to you too Abbe. Are we going to be lucky enough to see you at sew it together?