Thursday, November 12, 2009


My mojo was squashed by a mean person. I choose to focus on all of the fabulous things in my life - I will re inflate!

How can I be sad with a life full of fabric, beautiful sunsets, fabulous friends (both human and feline), and sunflowers. Life's good!

Sew well. I'm off outside to plant some seedlings - a bit of gentle therapy.
Ab x


  1. Sorry about the meanie.

    Talking to your fabric/cats/plants is always good at a time like this.

  2. Remember Abbe there are more nice people than mean ones, Big Hugz Maria

  3. Oh no, thats no good. I agree with Maria, lucky there are more nice people than mean ones. Hope your therapy works. xx

  4. You are a very clever and creative person - dont let them get you down. Just smile sweetly back at them so they know that their nastiness hasn't had an effect.

  5. So nice to find your wonderful blog...and don't let anyone get you down. Those means ones need to hang out with each other.

  6. oh I love your blog! so many lovely fabrics and quilts!!!!!! just lovely! Most bloggers have had their run ins with mean girls so hope you're better again! It can get you down a bit at first but once the shock wears off you be the bigger person!