Saturday, November 21, 2009


The last week has been huge! I was lucky enough to go to Australian Quilt Market on Sunday. I met up with my friend Jenny, a long arm quilter and we enjoyed a talk by Victoria Textiles reps who gave out some great freebies and showed off some fab new templates. I met the lovely Kellie from Don't Look Now. I knew her work was special but up close - Amazing!!!! I can only hope to be able to machine quilt with half as much talent. There were also lots of wonderful new fabrics and products that I am sure we will see in our favourite quilt shops soon.

I had been waiting for a delivery from Hancock's and it arrived! I was so excited to hear the thump on the veranda - somehow one can sense the sound of fabric but maybe that just shows how addicted to buying fabric I actually am :)
Oddly it came via Swiss Post...
And these were the goodies inside. Dare I say there were another two deliveries a few days later with some Amy Butler Love and a few other necessary bits and pieces.
There were some great sale fabrics and combined with the Aussie dollar being so strong against the was hard to resist. If nothing else it will all look great in with the rest of my stash.
Hopefully some sewing (finally) on Monday as I plan on heading to 'Finish' at Threadneedle Craft with the lovely Merrilyn. It'll be nice to have a chat if nothing else, but I really, really need to do some sewing instead of just buying and dreaming.
Happy stitching,
Abbe :0)


  1. Gorgeous but necessary fabric !

  2. Gorgeous fabrics. I also received mine delivery via Swiss post which was interesting.
    i am glad to meet another buyer and dreamer-I am so good at it!!

  3. Regarding the buying stuff, just think of it as helping the struggling US economy! I really must go and do my bit for them today.

  4. hehe I'm with QuiltSue, I might need to go help the US financial recovery too ;) Great shopping xox

  5. Lots of nice colours there. Hope you get a chance to sew some cool things.

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