Sunday, November 1, 2009

And the winner is....

JULIE!!!!!! From Julie's Provincial Patch winner of my first giveaway. Mr CP kindly drew the winner from a hat, saying he could barely handle the pressure :) Email me your snail mail Julie and I'll send the goodies your way.

Thanks to all of those who visited and commented on my blog and an especially big thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. I hope all of your birthday wishes and dreams come true too.

I have had a lovely's still sort of going as I haven't caught up with many people yet. (No money in Dad's card which is always a good sign....and I'm seeing him next week :)
Not much to tell in the world of sewing but lots of little ideas floating around my head as usual and still binding the quilt for my step-mum. Will have it done asap for when I visit on Wednesday. Finally got the pics to work. Above is Faith, stitching away and below is the lovely big pot of spag sauce. There's enough to cover about 6 single meals with pasta and a couple of lasagnas. Yum!Happy sewing,
Abbe x


  1. Your sauce looks so good. Makes me want a big bowl of pasta, and it is only 9:30am here! Also, belated happy birthday!

  2. Your sauce sure does look good.

  3. No, no, my name is QuiltSue, you wrote the wrong name as the winner.

    Seriously, well done to the winner.

    That sauce looks yummy.

  4. Woo hooo!!!!!!

    What a great start to the week....thankyou so much.

    PS. Want to come and do a few meals here.....its too hot for me to cook. :0)