Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nearly a break. Nearly.

After a few weeks of frantic binding I am having a little rest from sewing. Instead I have been playing on Ebay and sifting through my stash. Only other patchers would understand the pleasure of unfolding, patting and re-folding pieces of fabric. Oh what joy it brings! :)

I have a few more shifts of work and then am having a month break and I can't hardly wait!!! During my time off I have big plans for lazy, carefree days at the machine, stitching and playing at some of those ideas that have been demanding to get out. It's going to be lovely.

Following are some pics of the first purchase for my collection of antique quilts - I have visions of a stunning armoire filled with folded quilts of all ages and designs.....Ah,
one day.....
The lovely Patch Andi is having a bloggerversary giveaway over here . I can't wait to reach such a milestone. I guess I'll just have to keep on bloggin.
Time for dinner but with daylight savings I'm more in the mood for a cuppa... I'll decide when I get to the kitchen.
Happy sewing,
Ab :P


  1. I love Lone Star Quilts - your antique quilt is just divine!

  2. What a beautiful quilt. Will I ever be able to do anything like that?

  3. Beautiful quilt! What a great beginning to what will be a wonderful collection, I am sure :)