Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 Fall Quilt Festival

Park City Girl is having a 2009 Blogger Quilt Festival. I thought I'd be a joiner :)

This is a quilt I made quite a few years ago, her name is 'Shabby Rose' (I find my quilts take on personalities of their own and therefore always need names). I had originally planned something else and was going to do the piecing by hand while training for my job. I managed about half of the squares by hand and then changed what I was doing and machined this instead. I have it on my bed most of the time and am really happy with it. It was quilted by Jenny Carmichael of Bayside Quilting.

It's my most favourite of quilts I've done for myself but maybe that's because I haven't finished that many for myself....yet.
I've been doing some machine quilting over the last few days. I'm making a lap quilt for my step-mum for her birthday. It's coming together well but I do wish I had a machine with a bigger throat. I hate having to shove (I don't do it delicately) the quilt through each time I change direction. Time for a hot chocolate and then back to the machine....
Keep smiling,
Abbe :)


  1. This is really beautiful! Shabby Chic type quilts are often my favorite. I know what you mean by not finishing too many quilts for yourself.. I am having that problem myself. <3

  2. I love the colors in this quilt, so calming but warm at the same time. I really like your little border of pink, I haven't tried that technique yet. So cute!

  3. Hi Abbe,
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog :)
    I absolutley love your quilts! They are amazing!

  4. What a beautiful quilt, I love shabby chic.

    Good luck with the quilt you are working on at the moment - I'm sure you will get there with the quilting - it can be really hard work!

  5. Lovely just lovely and beautifully quilted.

  6. I agree Abbe it is hard pulling and shoving the quilt through the throat of the machine but when it is finished you will be really happy. I always am.

  7. Shabby Rose is lovely! I agree with Maria, you will be very happy after you finish with the struggle of quilting it!
    hugz, Pam

  8. What I think is beautiful about your quilt is that all the tones and colors and fabrics have melded together into a terrific whole--so often we stand and look at quilts at quilt shows and wonder what in heavens name the quilter was thinking. But in your case I can safely say it looks like I've just stepped out into a beautiful garden. Well done!
    --ELIZABETH E, #115

  9. Wow! Such a stunning quilt! But I have to say, your whole blog is full of loveliness! Such beautiful quilts!

  10. Lovely. The fabrics are so soft and feminine.

  11. Very pretty quilt- it has such lovely florals and looks so feminine.
    If you get the opportunity to get a bigger domestic machine with a larger aperiture ( space between with the arm of the sewing machine and the base, you may find it so much simpler. It does make quilting so much easier- you no longer feel like you are wrestling with a bear... :O)
    Hope you got a chance to visit some of the quilts in the show - there were so many lovely ones to see.