Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hard work and big days out

It's starting to seem like I go away for mini-breaks all the time but I think it's just that time of year, birthdays and the end of the tether, I need to get away feeling. Some beautiful weather doesn't hurt either. This week I slogged away in the garden with lots of help from Mr CP and we got trees planted, mowed the grass and veggie beds weeded. We both felt sore and worn out by Tuesday afternoon but it's wonderful to look out the window and see things much more organised.

Wednesday we went to Melbourne and I caught up with 'the aunts' as I call them. My three aunts who are all sister's in law get together once a month for a chat and sew. It's through them that I really got into patchwork. I don't get there too often anymore as I now live 2hrs away and my shift work makes it tricky but it's always nice to catch up when I can. A few hours stitching and a bit of show and tell then I was whisked away by Mr CP for an early birthday escape (he's working on my actual bday).

We stayed at Ridges in Brighton and ate and drank at several lovely restaurants over two days including Richmond Hill on Bridge Street which is Stephanie Alexanders restaurant. Wonderful food. We had a day out at the zoo and met this chap who was playing to cool but keeping an eye on us....
and then we went and saw Julie and Julia which I highly recommend.
Back home last night and we did a bit more tidying outside, moving wood and burning off. I wanted to do sewing today but the weather is stunning so I'm going to sew some seeds instead. It sort of counts :)
I might do the last bit of quilting on my step mums quilt this evening.

Happy sewing and playing in the sunshine to all,
Abbe x

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  1. Wow Abbe you sure have been busy both working outside and flitting about town. What a lovely weekend yous had.

    Have a wonderful birthday!!!!