Monday, January 5, 2015

The Grand Tour - Part 2

Of course the ultimate destination was the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.
We arrived a few days before the quilt festival started so that we could go to some luncheons and enjoy some classes.
The class I was most excited about was the 'Longarm Quilting - Maybes, Gonna be's and Wanna be's' with Linda Taylor.
The stars and loops was my first attempt with the pantograph pattern on the machine. I'd love to claim the border print but that was pre-done for us and we then quilted a ballerina. It was great fun to get the chance to use the Gammil Longarm but I didn't manage to fit one in my suitcase to bring home. 

Other than the massive market hall at the George R. Brown Convention Centre, there was the quilt displays.
We saw some amazing and awe inspiring quilts.
The following are a tiny example of all we saw...

Of course I managed to spend a bit over the four days at the show.
I extended my foxy fabric collection -  
It's not the greatest photo but that giant pile of stuff on the table is what I brought home.
Some were gifts but most was for little old me! 
Some cultural delights to take home to share. 
And not one, but two pairs of cowgirl boots
When I got home, I was greeted by Harvey holding this sign at the airport 
And then another tasty Mr CP cake creation. 
Lucky me!
I missed the boys and of course Mr CP and feel very, very lucky that I was able to take the time away and fulfill a dream with my aunt.
We had a wonderful trip together and we're still speaking after spending 24/7 with each other!

After such an inspiring and quilt-filled few weeks -There's so much to sew!!!
I have big sewing plans for 2015....



  1. Love those boots! What an amazing adventure, you are so lucky :)

  2. Those boots would be my favourite purchase, even more than fabric! That cake makes me hungry.