Friday, January 23, 2015

12, 12 and 12 in Twelve

12, 12 and 12 in Twelve

What the heck am I on about?

I'm hoping to have twelve quilty, twelve sewy and twelve knitty finishes in twelve months.

My aim is finish up some UFO's as well as start AND finish some new things each month.
I'm not going to be overly strict with myself, I'm just aiming to get things done. For example I have about four quilts that just need the binding sewn down - I'm only going to count them as one finish as they were nearly finished last year. Each new clothing sewing pattern will be one finish - eg if I make three pairs of pyjama pants like I did today, it's just one finish, not three.

Wish me luck and feel free to join me!

I really want to make a dent in my clothes fabric and pattern stash. I seem to be very good at buying the fabric and even better at buying the patterns but not so good at actually sewing some clothes.
I needed a break from the Swoon quilt - I made a few frustratingly stupid mistakes yesterday so I decided the universe was trying to tell me something so I put it aside and got out my kids PJ pants TNT pattern, the 'Snug as a Bug' pattern by Make it Perfect.

I made a pair of shark PJ shorts for Harvey - all sharks are called Bruce the Shark in our family so these will be his Bruce the Shark jarmies. 
Lachy got some long foxy pants. The majority of his clothes are hand-me-downs as the boys are born at the same time of year, all of Harvey's old clothes are the right size in the right season. Even though he has heaps of jarmies, I figured I should still make some just for him.

I also made some Bruce the Shark PJ pants for my nephew. He too will be enjoying many hand-me-downs pre worn by my boys so he definitely deserves some new duds too.

Due to being a somewhat selfish sewist, I have also been making for me.
I made my first 'Saltspring' dress, a pattern by Sewahaloic
Like most people who have made this dress before me, I didn't bother with the zip in the back.
It's really pretty and feels lovely and swishy to wear. It's a cotton voile from Spotlight and lined with some plain black voile. I accidentally ripped one of the back straps when wearing it yesterday but it won't stay on the mending pile for long because I love it and want to wear it again.
So much so....
That I made a short version.
Once again some Spotty voile. This time I just self-lined it as it can be a bit see through.
I went a size down from my first one and made the lining shorter so it's less blousey.
It almost seems like I know what I'm talking about with this clothes sewing malarkey.
I don't.
I do enjoy reading sewing blogs and sewing pattern reviews and I feel like I am learning heaps which hopefully help avoid some novice mistakes.

As for my knitting...
 I knitted the sleeves on this little number.
It's far from perfect as I decided to alter the pattern and when I started it I knew at lot less than I do now. Anyway, I'll stash it for a while...just in case...or gift it to a tall baby with a thin neck.

So my 12, 12 and 12 in Twelve is going bloody well so far.

I should have a few more finishes before the end of the month so I am definitely on track for my goal but then again, it's early days.

Emails were bouncing back but I think I've managed to fix it - if not, thanks for reading and commenting, it's good to be back!!


  1. I'll do the twelve Quilty and sewy project challenge with you. Feeling motivated after our latest session. You can have the knitty stuff to yourself.

  2. We should add "12 blog posts" to the list!

  3. Well done Abbe.
    Great jama pants for the boys and your dresses are very pretty and as I not really a knitter I think the jumper is fine. It will keep a little one warm.
    Can do the Quilty thing but not dress making or knitting.
    Posting is easy too.

  4. Awesome job! I love January for that burst of creativity and more time for crafting - generally the enthusiasm runs out for me in about March and then I have a frenzied November and December getting ready for Christmas. Had a good laugh over gifting the jumper to a tall baby with a long neck - do you know many of those? I had always secretly thought that it would be useful to have a one legged friend for all of those WIP socks that never find a mate LOL

  5. The PJ's are cute and isn't Harvey grown up now? I love the dress too.

  6. 12 in 12 sounds like a great plan....i wonder if i can crank out 12 quilts this year

  7. That sounds like a damned good idea for a challenge!
    (Lovely meeting you on Sunday. Andi told me the name of your blog so here I am.)

  8. Hi Abbé, sew nice to see you pop up in my emails. Did reply but it was returned. Can you send me your new email address please...