Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A story to tell...

On Saturday the 6th of October, I married my wonderful partner.
Lucky me.

Are you wondering if he's a good catch?
He made the cake. 
The man can cook.
The top layer was white chocolate mud
Middle was lemon.
The huge bottom layer was chocolate with a rich chocolate ganache.

We didn't get around to 'practicing' our kiss but funnily enough it was one of our sweetest ever. 
I think I scrubbed up okay. 
The most handsome suited dude. 

Aunty Pam and I made the felt bouquets.
I may have got high on the glue gun fumes... 
Check out the garter with the sexy sucky-in undies!!
Jules didn't think I'd be brave enough to publish this picture but hey, it's me.

So I've been absent for the longest time since I've had my blog.
I haven't sewn for nearly three months.
It's not because I've been to busy being Bridezilla.
It's not because I don't love sewing or blogging anymore.

It's because of this....
Baby Fox is due late March.
Unfortunately, I have had horrendous all-day morning sickness and early bleeding that had us fearing miscarriage. That roller-coaster seems to have finished so now it's just the normal pregnancy adventures.
I must say that without my sewing girls, Jules (all of her photos above), Fi and B, my wedding would not have run as smoothly. I'm a lucky girl to have my 'internet friends'.

I'm glad to be back,
Abbe x


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I love the photo of your leg! And the one of your little guy! Congratulations and I hope all goes well with the new little one! :0)

  2. WOWWWW!!!!

  3. You Scrubbed up Beautifully Abbé..your Wedding looked Lovely and Little Harvey Was Gorgeous..
    Congratulations on the New Bub

  4. Congratulations to you both and wishing mnay happy years together...
    Loved all your wedding photos and you did scrub up really well.
    Harvey looks so handsome in his wee suit..

    Pleased you are feeling better now and all is going well with Harvey's baby brother or sister..

  5. lots and lots of congrats Abbe, you all looked awesome but the littlest dude was definitely the heartbreaker....he's gonna make a lovely big brother..

  6. You look so beautiful! And double congratulations on both your marriage AND the new wee one!! So excited for your family.

  7. So beautiful Abbe! Congratulations too

  8. Was a pleasure to share your day my dear! You and all your men looked amazing and happy ps. I hope its a girl :) xox

  9. Double congrats! So much joy.

  10. Beautiful Abs. Congratualtions!!!

  11. Fantastic news congratulations and it looked like an absolutely fantastic wedding

  12. You look gorgeous - sucky inny undies and all!!! Hope you have enjoyed your honeymoon and your family grows more beautiful everyday

  13. Aww what a wonderful year you are having Abbe, congratulations on your marriage and the new little fox bubba, I had the same troubles with nausea and bleeding and it wears you out!
    Take care xx

  14. Looks like a wonderful day full of love and laughter - a very exciting time for all of you!

  15. Gorgeous wedding pics Abbe, I love the garter shot and of course the handsome young Master H. in his suit. Enjoy the days until March with good health and happiness as your family grows.

  16. Darling Abbe, I have been so slack catching up on posts but keep upto date through FB of course. I am so thrilled about your wedding to your Mr Wonderful CP and the arrival of the new Fox due next year. Talk about momentous events happening for you. Your wedding photos are beautiful and your are the most stunning of women. Harvey just looked incredible, a real grown up little man. What a beautiful family you all are. Please continue to take extra special care of yourself dear Abbe, we would hate for anything to happen to you or your new wee "carry-on". This is the most precious time in your lives and you all deserve everything to be wonderful. big hugs dear friend xxxx