Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Milling Around

Today I dragged my boys to Bendigo to visit the Bendigo Woollen Mills and Spotlight for a bit of shopping for the stash.

I might have gone a little crazy. 
The woman in the shop was very patient with me and my complete lack of knitting knowledge. 
Actually, her customer service was excellent.
I told her if my knitting fails I'll have a lovely pile of pretty wooly (cotton) balls to display in a nice bowl.

At Spotty, I picked up a couple of patterns.
The Kwik Sew is a cute maternity dress, hopefully I can nut it out and if I like it I'll make a few for summer.
The New Look will be for after baby. I'll be a clothing sewing whiz by then and have lots of spare time with two under two.........

Stop laughing.

I'm also hanging to try sewing with knits so bought this cool black and grey stripe.
We'll see what happens. 

And the kiddo, he got some cars.
Those chairs in the hall?
They are blocking the bathroom and toilet doors to stop him getting in but sadly he's already worked out the barricades :( 

Oh, and that face, that is totally a poo-face.
I should save that for his 21st.

Ab x


  1. oh, poor Harv! He probably looks like his mum when she does a poo! Nice patterns! If you get stuck....

  2. Love the poopy face! That photo is going to come back to haunt him! LOL We put a baby gate in the bathroom door to keep Brian out. It worked great! :0)

  3. haha a full bowl of pretty wool is what I have in my house!

  4. So what are the plans for the BWM cotton?
    I am silly excited to see you become a knitter. x

  5. Poor child! Fancy having a Mum who photographs Poo Faces and then publishes them.
    So cute.

  6. I must have been at the woollen mill just before you. It is soooo hard to choose (even when you have a list of who likes what colour) i was there a very long time!Good luck with the sewing, i hope it all goes well.