Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Grand Opening

The Retreat is open.
After a lot (LOT) of hard work and with a heap of wonderful help from Mr CP, both small CP's, Faith (no blog. Yet), Jules, Bianca, Fi and Pam (no blog but she should because she makes sooo much) I was ready at 10am today.
I had some lovely visits at the house today. It's great to have lots of lovely visits and positive reactions to The Retreat.
We are open again tmrw from 10am until 5pm tomorrow, Sunday 15th July.
Contact me for address details at

We are also having an Opening Special. 20% OFF if you book to stay before August 31st. You also get the entries in the giveaway.

I have lots of lovely finishes to show you as soon as my world calms down :-)
Abbe xx

Ps. A big thanks to you all for your supportive emails, comments and messages.


  1. Well done it looks and sounds fantastic

  2. So pleased the opening of the Retreat went well and you got some positive feedback.
    did blog about it today..

  3. Hey sister...after much searching of the 'grey matter' --I came up empty on my password for my blog..sooo...made a new one- in order to comment on yours!. CONGRATULATIONS lovely lady - I am sooooo proud of and deeply inspired by you. well done, I wish you every success and look forward to seeing you and the retreat soon - I am rather free these days ... MWAH MWAH MWAHxxxooo
    PS there's a little lady bustin to be smooched by you over here at mine.. ( and no it's not me)

  4. Congrats Abbe

    Looks fantastic - cant wait to catch up.

    You would be crazy not to go and play!!!